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World Champion Szepesi Csenge: Interview straight from Japan

04/11 2015

Szepesi Csenge became World Champion in Kumite at World Karate Championships (WKO), which was held from October 31st, to November 1st, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

You won World Championships in Japan few days ago. How difficult was your way to the victory?
I had a really difficult draw, with 4 Japanese and 1 Lithuanian fighter. But as I always say: the winner has to conquer any opponent, therefor the draw should not be an excuse. All of my fights were hard, and I had to concentrate all two days long not to loose my beliefs. At the same time I felt empty inside my soul, so nothing could disturb me.

What was the key moment which led to your victory?
I have maybe felt, but never said that I will win this World Championship, because I can not ensure anything. Life can always make a turn and therefor I just do my job and dont say anything. On the day of the competition I felt a lot of positiveness and power. Everybody around me, my coach Zoltán Polacsek, my sister and all of my friends believed in me. All these circumstances have led me to the victory. Its difficult to say, but I think that the key moment for me to become the World Champion was determined in my Path.

Did you suffer under any injury during the competition? And how about other competitors, your opponents?
I had no injuries. Thats because we also train a lot of defence and hardenour body on every training. Some of the fighters were taped on many parts of their bodies, therefor I think they had some little injuries.

Which match was the most difficult for you?
The most difficult match for me was the semifinal against Misaki Sato. She is an experienced and strong-spirit fighter.

How do you like your stage in Japan?
I absolutely enjoy Japan! This country is impressively beautiful with a rich cultural heritage. It s a pleasure to stay here!

Did you try some specialities of Japanese cuisine?
I always try to eat local food. I love Okokomiyaki in Osaka, takoyaki, mochi and of course every kind of sushi. Japanese food is very healthy and delicious!

In which club do you practise Karate and who is your trainer?
I train in Kamikaze Dojo in Sopron-Hungary and my trainer is Shihan Polacsek Zoltán 5th dan.

Have you ever used karate in real life as self-defence?
Im happy that I have never needed to defend myself in my private life. I am a peaceful person and I avoid violence in general.

What are your leisure time activities?
In my free time I really like to go to the cinema, theatre , sightseeing and going to the spa. Of course I also use my free time to go running in the forest, wakeboarding in summer and snowboarding in winter. On weekends I like to party with my friends.

What does Karate mean to you? Has it major place in your life?
Karate is the key to my success, it means a lot to me. Through karate I have learned how to respect people, how to hold on until the end, how not to give up. Karate, it is so much in my life, that I am really happy that I have stepped into the Dojo.

What are your future plans and goals?
I would be really happy, if full contact karate would become an olympic sport. There are so many things to do that I can still explore. My profession as a dentist has a very big role in my private life, and I also concentrate to be excellent in work.

 Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live