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Veras Brothers - Judo and Karate weekend

15/11 2016

Judo and Karate weekend

Veras Brothers once again have managed to attend and perform well in two Olympic martial arts sports over one weekend.

Saturday 12th November, Veras brothers attended the UEL in Docklands, London, to compete at the British London Schools Open Judo Championships. Each of the brothers represented their school in great style.

Representing Sacred Heart Primary School, YR 4-5 3rd moon & Above -34kg Luca(9) gets silver.

Then middle brother Liam(11) Veras representing Raines Foundation School YR 6-7 -34kg 3rd moon & Above got Silver.

Eldest brother Luan(12), Representing Raines Foundation School YR 8-9 4th Moon & Above -46kg showed up his skills finishing his final match with a great ippon to get his so deserved gold medal.

Veras Brothers: Luca(9), Liam(11) and Luan(12) with father and coach/sensei Raphael Veras. Liam Veras in the final
  Thaila O'Brien who came with the team was unlucky to medal but definitely earned experience.  

Straight after the medals awards, brothers hit the road to Belgium with their coach and dad from Veras Academy Karate Club to compete on Sunday at the Belgium Open Karate Championships. Unfortunately for the elder and younger brother it was not so fortunate as it was last year, where at the same event they both brought back gold . Luan(12) lost on the first fight to a Belgium national by dubious flag decision where after the decision many coaches who were watching his fight, approached and said they were astonished by the decision. Luca(9) lost in his 2nd fight but got to fight for third and guaranteed his bronze medal. Liam Veras (11), went through all his 4 fights against very tough opponents from Greece 4-1, Holland 7-0, Holland 2-0 and Belgium 4-3, granting him to return to London with a huge 1st place trophie.

Still this week they will be travelling to Instanbul to compete Friday in Karate, then returning to London on Saturday they will head straight to Paris with Luan only competing for a French club USF. After this Luan will be focusing on training 100% of his time in order to perform well at the British Judo Championships on the first weekend of December. After that they will rest until the new year.

Patricia Perote, London