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Veras Academy at the Val de Marne Championship

24/01 2017

5 kids from Veras Academy Karate at the Ringcross Community Centre in Islington, joined forces with TEAM USF KARATE, from Fontenay-Sous-Bois, France and competed last Sunday at the Val-de-Marne Karate Combat League Championship. The event took place at the Palais Omnisports, in Ville de Thiais France. It was organised by the French Federation of Karate for young children between 6-11yrs old.

The results were:
Liam Veras 10-11 years -35kg 2017 champion
Luca Veras 8-9 years -35kg 2017 champion
Dylan Gibson 6-7 years -25Kg 2017 champion
Isaac Gibson 8-9 years -25Kg 2017 3rd place
Jack Gentili-Walsh 8-9 years -30Kg 2017 5th place

We are very happy with the results our children have achieved. They work extremely hard and were pleased at being given the opportunity to fight in a competition that is judged fairer than many competitions in the UK. As a head coach I am happy to have made this alliance with Team USF and I am grateful for the opportunity my karatekas are being given. France is one of the top ranking countries in the sport and I am sure with the continuous support from parents and progression in their training with gained confidence, our students will achieve greater success nationally and internationally.
Their ultimate goal is to represent their country in the Olympics and WKF World level championships.

Patricia Veras (Veras Academy Karate)