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Toshihito Kokubun - Karate Life full of Achievements

30/10 2015

Karate Live brings you interview with worldwide wellknown Karate Fighter Toshihito Kokubun. During his competitive career Sensei Toshihito Kokubun participated in many Karate Championships with a great success and currently he is leader of international Karate Seminar around the world. 

Main Results:

1994: All Japan Karate Championships (JKF) 1st Place

1994: Asian Games, 80 Kg category (AKF) 1st Place

1996: All Japan Karate Championships (JKF) 1st Place

1997: World Games, 80 Kg category in Lahti, Finland (WKF) 1st Place

1997: All Japan Karate Association All Japan Tournament (JKA) 1st Place

1998: World Karate Championships in Paris / France (JKA) 1st Place

2000: All Japan Karate Association All Japan Kumite Tournament (JKA) 1st Place

2000: World Karate Championships in Tokyo, Japan (JKA) 1st Place

2003: All Japan Jitsugyoudan (Company) Championships (JKF) 1st Place

What does karate mean to you?
It is a life's work for me. There are activities that convey karate fun, the fun in karate among the enthusiasts. It is easy to understand as much as possible, we try to convey as motion points.

Can you please tell us about your beginnings in karate?
I began with karate at the age of 15. That's because I wanted to be strong. There was some older group of the junior high school students against me at that time. So I began to practise karate when I became a high school student.

How many hours a day do you practise karate?
During competitive era it was from four to six hours a day, basic and form, Kumite, physical exercise and mental training. Nowdays it is from about 2 to 3 hours.

You competed at lot of championships with a great success. How important are the medals for you?
During competitive era I had to practice in order to win. But to win the match it is not all for me. I want to have real strength. Therefore, mental, technical, we aim to gain of as physical, social existence.

During your kumite career which match has the major impact on you?
The match that has major impact on my life, there are the Asian Olympic Games. Social awareness is large, the wake of my social life is now largely opened up.

What is your favourite karate technique?
While defending myself, such as tricks to win the opponent. Unusual from throwing techniques. Reverse thrust to attack enters the opponent's blind spot. In addition, it is technology that win the Maai with the other party.

What is your favourite kata and why?
I mainly learned the Shotokan school, but I also like Niseshi of Kururunfa, Hwado flow of logging and Goju flow of Shitō-ryū. Shoto is the museum in case of Enpi and Kankudai. Because it is good to learn, how to use the Unashi and body.

We watched some of your great kumite matches. It looks absolutely dangerous! Have you ever suffered under any injury from competitions?
Because of my style, I set up in the front of the right hand, often took outside the person to set up in front of the left hand, there was no failure, so I did not receive much decent an opponent attack.

Did you also fight without some kind of protectors ( gloves,..) at some competitions?
Tournaments of JKA were dangerous without gloves. At former WKF tournaments defence was important, because the gloves were thin.

Can you tell something to young competitors, who have been preparing for their first international competition?
Perform properly all ready to win, during the match be focused to demonstrate that it has come to practice.

Which cuisine do you prefer? What is your favourite meal?
I like the cuisine, which use seasonal vegetables and fruits.

What are your leisure time activities?
Reading and driving. To spend the time with family and friends.

What are your current activities in karate?
To increase the karate techniques themselves, systematization of karate technology progress theory. To convey the joy and fun of Karate among karate lovers of the world.

Can you please tell us about your future plans? Will you lead any karate seminar in the near future?
In 2015 I will lead a seminar at the end of October in Romania. In Argentina at the end of November, in Germany in mid-December. In 2016 it is still undecided, I'm going to do about 3 - 4 times seminar stages.

What is your life motto?
Fun, interesting, polite.

Can you tell us some Japanese proverb that you like?
As long bitter, than comfortably (No pane, no gain).

Karate Seminar with Sensei Toshihito Kokubun in Germany with German friend


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Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live