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Slobodan Bitevic - Karate is my life

04/03 2016

"Karate is my life. It helped me find the right way and develop as a good person, because all the glory and success come and go, but the true human values stay forever. This is what karate teaches."
Slobodan Bitevic


2015 50th EKF Senior Championships (TUR) Male Kumite 84+ kg -1st Place
2014 Karate1 Premier League – Grand Final - Salzburg 2014 (AUT) Male Kumite 84+ kg-2nd Place
2014 49th European Senior Championships 2014 (FIN) Male Kumite 84+ kg-3rd Place
2013 Karate1 Premier League and Youth World Cup 2013 – Grand Final - Salzburg 2013 (AUT)
         Male Kumite 84+ kg- 2nd Place
2012 47th European Senior Karate Championships (ESP) Male Kumite -84 kg - 3rd Place
2011 46th European Karate Senior Championships (SUI) Male Kumite -84 kg - 1st Place
2010 20th World Senior Karate Championships (SRB) Male Kumite -84 kg- 1st Place
2008 43rd European Karate Senior Championships (EST) Male Kumite -80 Kg - 2nd Place

Do you remember your first kumite match at international competition?
My first kumite match was long time ago. I don t remember the exact year but i know that I won the match and it was a very important experience for me.

Can you tell us something more about your final match at European Championship in 2015? What was the deciding moment of your victory ?
The Euporean championship was in May 2015 in Turkey.
The final match was against Enes Erkan from Turkey, who is double World Champion and double European Champion. He is a great fighter and this match was great challenge for me. I was preparing for this match with my coach team and I knew all his qualitites and weaknesses.
But I controlled the match from the start and I belived that I would win.

How did the way to that success look like?
The way to this succes was very hard and long. It lasted 8 months.
I practiced twice a day, every day. There were a lot of competitions in Serbia and other countries in Europe.
This helped me to be prepared and ready for European Championship. 

What are the three most important things you need to be succesfull karate fighter?
For me three most important things to be a champion are persistance, persistance are persistance, and to belive in your dreams.

Is there any match which you want to forget? And why?
I always learn from my mistakes, so every match(winning or losing) is great experience and a chance to be better. 

Who was your first coach and at which club did you start practicing?
My first coach was Miloje Pavlovic from my hometown and my first club was there.
I was there for 8 years. It was a great time. I learned so many things from my coach and then I moved to a new club in Pancevo.
It is club Dinamo Pancevo which is still my club.
Both these clubs have a good cooperation.

What does karate mean to you and which place karate has in your life?
Karate is my life.
It helped me find the right way and develop as a good person, because all the glory and success come and go, but the true human values stay forever.
This is what karate teaches.

Can you remember your friends with whom you grew up in dojo?
I have a lot of friends from my childhood and we are still in touch and good friends. Some of them are Cira, Nikola, Ivan, my brother Gasa and many more. Whenever we meet we have a great time together.

Slobodan with Ivan Milosavljevich  

What are your future plans?

Like before my future plans are about my sports career and my university studies.
This year in May I have European championship in France and in November World championship in Austria.
I hope I will be ready and win a medal.
I also hope to finish my Master studies at Faculty of Sports and Physical Education.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live