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Sherilyn and Donovan - Karate Twins from Netherlands about World Championship

04/12 2016

Sherilyn and Donovan - Karatetwins from Netherlands about World Championship 2016

Report of the WKF World Championships 2016 in Linz, Austria

The first competition day of the World Karate Championship was on Wednesday Oct. 26th. This was also the day that Sherilyn was participating in the -68kg female kumite category where she started in the first round with a buy, the second round she met her opponent from Dominican Republic.

Sherilyn felt confident and made a good start by keeping the pressure to het opponent, but after approx. 1 minute she started with a gyaku tsuki. Convinced that that she made a correct score, she saw one flag in the corner of her eye and turned away from het opponent. The Opponent was sharp and and reacted with a mawashi geri chudan. Sherilyn wasn’t able to get even and lost het first match. Het opponent lost in the quarter finals, so no repecharge.

The next day also Donovan was to be found on the tatami with the male kumite team. The first round against Cameroon was already won the previous day, so on Thursday they started with the second bout against Romania in which Donovan was the first team member to open the match.

He was in control and made it without any risk to a first win in the match, followed by another two wins buy his teammates. The next team was the team from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Donovan was player #4 in this match. The first match was won (4-3) by his team and clubmate Tyron Lardy, match 2 was lost (2-3) and also match 3 (0-2) was lost. So Donovan had to win his match to keep the team alive. And he did with a beautiful 5-2 and also the last match was won (2-1) and team orange went to round number 4.


Unfortunately they met team Iran (which ended up as the gold medal champions) and Donovan had to play the second match after a (0-5) loss in the first round and lost as well (0-2), Tyron had to win to stay in the game, but also lost his match (0-1). Luckily this was not the end of the tournament because Iran made it to the finals and Team NL had another chance in the repecharge where they had to compete to the strong team of Azerbaijan. Again, the first round was lost. Donovan was the second team member to perform and had the first score, a few seconds before the match end he tried to make another score but unfortunately that was countered by his opponent (Mamayev, who became the vice world champion) and the match ended with a 1-1- draw. Tyron lost third match with 0-3 (from Agayev, who became world champion). The last change to make it up, ended also in a draw (1-1) which was unfortunately not enough and male Team NL ended as the # 7 in the end results.

In the meantime also Sherilyn with the NL Ladies team had to perform their first match against Poland. In this match the first match was won, the second match lost, so Sherilyn as the last person in the formation had to win or play a draw, and she did. So the next round they met France. The first match ended in a draw, the second in a loss so the Sherilyn had to win, but unfortunately this round also ended in a draw.

The overall result is a loss from the team with 1-0. Like with the mens team, France made it to the finals and our girls had another change in the repecharge. The first opponent they met in the repecharge was the team from Iran. This match started with a win, followed by two draws (last match from Sherilyn ended with a 1-1). The next team was Team USA and unfortunately the first match was lost and also the second match was lost, so there was no chance for Sherilyn to make it up in a third match and like the Mens Team, the Female Team ended up as the # 7 in the end results.

Photo's made by Jan de Wild.