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Sakura Kokumai at Paris Open

28/01 2016

Sakura Kokumai at Paris Open - January 22.-24., 2016, Paris, France

Can you tell us about your impressions from K1 Paris Open?

I loved the atmosphere there. seeing the sign Karate into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at the venue, made me realize that our dream of becoming an Olympic sport is just around the corner.

How difficult was this championship for you? How about your opponents and the last match, where you achieved the Bronze Medal?

It was a very high level competition, so many great athletes from all over the world. This competition was important to me, with this year being the world championships year I wanted to start the the year strong. I lost against JPN 3-2 at semi finals, and was able to go for Bronze against FRA. By the Bronze medal match, I was not nervous and was able to perform like I always have.
After competing I realized that I still have so many things left to improve on. Still have couple competitions prior to the World Championships in Linz so want to do my best to prepare.

Thank you very much for the short exclusive interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live

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