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Portuguese Kumite Team at WKF European Championship 2016

08/05 2016

Rui Diz, Hélio Hernandez, Nuno Mestre, Nuno Moreira, Hugo Pina, Filipe Reis and Tomás Silva - Portuguese Kumite Team achieved the Bronze medal in discipline Kumite Team Male Seniors at WKF European Championship, this Sunday, May 8, 2016 in France. Karate Live brings you short exclusive interview with the captain of the team, Nuno Moreira.

What is your overall feeling from the European Championship?

It is an amazing feeling, we fought so hard and too much to get this difficult and impressive medal... I can't describe this moment...

How difficult was the way of your Kumite Team to the Bronze medal? How about your opponents from Ukraine during the last fights?

We did a very good job in the eliminations, we beat Russia, Azerbaijan, Spain and we lost against Turkey, we know that we did our best and that for the Bronze medal it is just one step but we need to stay concentrated because Ukraine is a good and a difficult opponent so we gave everything we can and we did it...

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the Best in the future. Karate Live

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Photos: Paulo Vilela Azevedo


Results of Kumite Team Male Seniors:

1st place France

2nd place Turkey

3rd place Portugal

3rd place Serbia