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Karate Brother and Sister from Hong Kong

24/01 2016

Karate Live brings you interview with Lau Chi Ming and Lau Mo Sheung Grace, brother and sister, successfull Kata players, represent Hong Kong National Karate Team. 


Bro - Lau Chi Ming

WKF Karate1 premier league - Salzburg, 7th Place (Individual kata)
EAKF East Asian Karate championship- Hong Kong- Silver Medal (Team Kata)

WKF Karate1 world cup- Lasko, Gold Medal (Individual kata)
WKFKarate1 premier league- Almere, 5th Place (Individual kata)

WKF Karate1 premier league grand final- Salzburg, 5th Place (Individual kata)
WKF Karate1 premier league- Tyumen, Bronze Medal (Individual kata)

WKF Karate1 premier league grand final- Salzburg, 5th Place (Individual kata)
World University Championship- Slovakia, 5th Place (Individual kata)
China National Championship, Silver Medal (Senior Individual kata)

Sis - Lau Mo Sheung Grace

WKF Karate1 premier league - Salzburg, 5th Place (Individual kata)
WKF Karate1 Premier League- Coburg, Gold Medal (Individual kata)
AKF Asian Karate Championship- Yokohama- Silver Medal (Individual kata)
EAKF East Asian Karate championship- Hong Kong- Silver Medal (Individual Kata)
WKF Karate1 Premier League- Paris, Bronze Medal (Individual kata)

WKF World Senior Karate Championship - Paris, 7th Place (Individual kata)
WKF Karate1 Premier League- Istanbul, Bronze Medal (Individual kata)
WKFKarate1 Premier League- Almere, 5th Place (Individual kata)
*USFHK Sportswoman of the year

AKF Asian Karate Championship- Dubai, 5th Place (Individual kata)
WKF Karate1 Premier League- Istanbul, 7th Place (Individual kata)
WKF Karate1 Premier League- Jakarta, Bronze Medal (Individual kata)
WKF Karate1 Premier League- Paris, 5th Place (Individual kata)
All China University Championships, Champion (Individual kata & Team kata)

World University Championship- Slovakia, Bronze Medal (Individual kata)
China National Championship, Gold Medal (Senior Individual kata)

China National Championship, Bronze Medal (Senior Individual kata)
7th World Cadet & Junior Karate Championship- Malaysia, 5th Place (U21 Individual kata)


When did you start practicing karate?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: 2001.

Lau Chi Ming: 2000, when I was 11 years old.

Who was your first karate teacher?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: Sensei Fung Wa Keung.

Lau Chi Ming: Sensei Fung Wa Keung.

Do you remember your first competition? Was it successful for you?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: Yes, my dojo club organized my first competition. I achieved 3rd place – this was still when I was a yellow belt!

Lau Chi Ming: Yep – my first competition was also at that tournament, but a few years earlier. I achieved also 3rd place in the junior’s yellow belt category, but all I can remember was how nervous I was the entire day!

To be a champion, years of hard training are needed. Can you introduce your current karate club? How many times per week do you practice karate?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: Before representing Hong Kong as an Elite Athlete, I practiced twice a week with my club - Hong Kong Shitoryu Karatedo Ken Kai. But now when I am a full time athlete, we have to meet a set amount of training hours each week, and therefore I train at least 5 days a week with the HK team. I think it is a big difference to the other national teams, and a great factor to our improvement.

Lau Chi Ming: I share the same training schedule with Grace - we train together!


What is your favourite part of training?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: I would say circuit trainings, mainly because it’s always conducted with my teammates. I love training and working hard with them! It's a great way to support each other.

Lau Chi Ming: Basic (Kihon) training, because it’s really helpful in making me a better Kata athlete, and it's a crucial part of improving my performance in a match.

Grace, you are a Gold Medalist from K1 Premier League, Coburg 2015 in the Individual Kata category. What is your overall feeling from this championship? Which kata did you perform in the finals?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: Actually, 2 weeks before Coburg K1 started, I was second at the Asian Championships, which was helpful in improving my confidence. I performed the Shitoryu style of Unshu in the finals at Coburg. This was a new kata for me, and it was only my third time performing Unshu in a competitive environment. Surprisingly, I actually didn't feel that nervous, and really enjoyed the match, because I wanted to show my best performance to everyone. My only regret in Coburg K1 was that I couldn't make it to the medals ceremony in time due to anti-doping. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience for me in 2015.

Chi Ming, you are a Silver Medalist from EAKF East Asian Karate Championships - Hong Kong 2015 in the Male Team Kata category. Are you satisfied with your results? Can you mention the names of your other team members? How long did you practice as a team?

Lau Chi Ming: The Hong Kong male kata team was only established last year, and the East Asian Karate Championships was our first major title in the international level. The award meant a lot to the 5 members of our team, as it showed our efforts were paying off. The 5 of us include myself, Chris, Chun, Howard and Cyrus, and the 3 representative members are selected through a selection before every competition.

Which activities do you do in your leisure time? Do you still have time for other activities outside of karate?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: I’m actually not much different to the other girls in this regard – my main activities include watching movies, shopping and chilling with my friends. Sometimes I go hiking with friends and make some DIY leather products with my mom, but that’s about it.

Lau Chi Ming: I like to spend my time watching Karate videos, but I do also enjoy watching movies, and traveling as well.

What is your favourite meal?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: Japanese cuisine.

Lau Chi Ming: Japanese food.

Which kind of movies do you like to watch? Have you watched the ‘Karate Kid’ movie? Do you like movies with Jackie Chan?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: I like watching science fiction films. Um…I’ve actually never watched ‘Karate Kid’. I know Jackie Chan is a very famous actor, and that most foreigners have watched his movies, but I personally like Donnie Yen more than Jackie Chan. Donnie is a new martial arts movie icon in HK and I highly recommend his movies to all of you!

Lau Chi Ming: I enjoy adventure, gambling, and love films. I’ve never watched ‘Karate Kid’ as well, but I do like Jackie Chan’s movies. He’s a very hardworking and an outstanding action star!

Lets talk about your future plans. Are you preparing for your next competition?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: Yes, I'm currently preparing for the Karate 1 World Cup in Slovenia and Premier League in Netherlands later this year. There are also a series of competitions after that; the most important competition of those is definitely the World Championships for sure. This also explains why our training is quite intense right now. I hope all of you would appreciate my performance then; see you guys there!

Lau Chi Ming: Same as Grace – I am also preparing for the Karate 1 World Cup in Slovenia and Premier League in Netherlands. The World Championships will be my main target of this year, and I have increased my gym training to improve my power and better suit my style for international competitions.

Do you have a life motto?

Grace, Lau Mo Sheung: Don't limit yourself at what you do.

Lau Chi Ming: Failure only happens when you stop trying.


Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live