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Jonatan Montes Gobelet

14/07 2015

Jonatan Montes Gobelet, lives in Córdoba, Argentina
1.place Kumite shobu sambon male over 18 yaers over 70 kg
WUKF Pan Americano Karate Championship
July 9.-12, 2015 Rio Tercero River, Argentina

When did you start to practise karate and who was your first teacher?
My experience with karate initiated when I was very young, as far back as the year 2002 in a neighborhood of the City of Cordova (Argentina). With only fifteen years I approached to practise karate, with the idea of really over 70 kilogramme physical activity and to learn to defend me. It was not in myself, not in my parents, the idea of karate from the sports to practice, it came with the time. In my country football is more popular sport in this sense.
My first teacher was Daniel Andrés Sebastián who taught me the first passes in Shotokan style and motivated me little to approach the competition.

How difficult was your fight for first place in the competition?
It was a very hard competition, of very good technical level. Initially the nerves played theirs bad role one spent, but I got accommodated rapidly. The important thing is that I could read the movements of the rivals, gain the center of tatami and control kumite in a sure way. I did the difference taking advantage of my height, combining ashibarai with gyaku zuki, then oi tsuki yodan enable me to extract above to the rivals. I applied well the displacements and I surprised them with few points. The good thing is that I could apply tools as the kizami, together with geri yodan.

What is your biggest impression of Pan Americano?
What I really liked was the fellowship that was among the athletes that I competed with. Beyond the rivalry among countries, the canticles in the platforms of the stadium, we experienced very positive days of companionship and cultural exchange. This is good in karate and other sports do not have it. Also I liked much the level that there showed competitors of The United States, Brazil and Chile. It was a great experience in any sense.

What are your other results in international competitions?
With this Pan-American WUKF of Argentina it was my third international experience. The first one was South American of karate in Buenos Aires in 2012 (this event was realized in the Athletic Club Quilmes), where I obtained the third position. In 2014 I competed in South American WUKF in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Ibirapuera's Gymnasium) there I came to the final and I lost but obtained the second position. This year in the City of Third Rio, Argentina, I devoted myself Champion Pan-American WUKF having gained the final in the Stadium of the Club On July 9.

Thank you very much for the interview.We wish you all the best in the future.
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