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Interview with Yulia Chabanova

26/08 2015

Yulia Chabanova, 4 DAN SKIF

2008 - World Kanazawa Cup - 3rd place

2005 - World Cup IKA - 1st place

2004 - Inter-Style Karate International Cup - 3rd place

winner of SKIF National Championships

When did you start practising karate and which are your most important results at competitions?
First I met karate when I was 18. It was at my future husband's,Vasiliy Chabanov, training. He became my teacher and trainer. It was in 1992. But my really sport life finished lately, when my older daughter came to dojo. Before that I studied karate as traditional martial art skill. My sport career was no long. Winner of Championship of Ukraine by Shotokan karate-do S.K.l.F. 2004-2008, Inter-Style Karate International Cup, 2004 - 3 place, World Cup IKA, 2005 - 1 place, World Kanazawa Cup, 2008 - 3 place.

Do you have some interesting memory from your competitive career?
Especially I remember final struggle in 2005, when the tournament was finishing. By that moment everybody were so tired that they began to sleep on stands. Battle was equal. By a middle of the battle I heard that thewhole of my team were fans of me! I must win! That triumph was my team's victory, our common wish.

Can you introduce your karate club?
Karate club was established by Vasiliy Chabanov in 1987. Basic idea of our club is studing of karate as traditional martial arts, system of mental and physical forming of personality. There are 300 pupils and 5 coaches in our club. The coaches have a special education and certifications, which they got from soke Hirokadzu Kanazawa. I am interested in Shotokan but besides that I began to study Shitoryu 2 years ago. I try to train every day. My little pupils do exercises with playing elements or pair exercises with a big pleasure. Children of middle school age need for rivalry kumite. Some girls prefer kata, other like kumite.

What are your other club activities?
Directions of our work are very wide - seminars, tournaments, summer and winter camps, demonstrationappearance and, certainly, joint rest: heats, cycle races, football matches and Rugby football.

What is your best memory in karate?
The brightest and important moment of my sport life is realisation that karate is my life, but principles of our life are the same the principles of the kumite. Our achievements in karate - endurance, will-power, respect for a rival - a deposit of success in real life!

What are your leisure time activities?
My free time is concerned with my club, besides that members of my family are karatists too. When we together, I try to cook tasty dishes, play with my younger daughter. My hobbies are books, theatre and yoga.



 Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live