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Interview with Taeeun Ahn

07/08 2015

Results (2014-2015):

2014 (April 26) EAKF East Asian Championship in Korea - Bronze medal 

2014 (5-9 November) WKF World Championship

2015 (5-7 June) EAKF East Asian Championships in Hongkong - Gold medal 

2015 (28-30 July) Thailand Open in Bangkok - Silver medal 

How long do you practise karate and who was your first teacher?
I started to practise karate-do 10 years ago. One of my friend invited me to karate club and showed some skills and training to me than they showed me one video - WKF championship promotion. It was so wonderful and I decided I should go there. That is why now I'm here. My first teacher was practising taekwondo but than he felt it as so boring so he found other sports and finally karate-do. He learned by himself and created karate club. Now he is AKF referee.

What are your impressions from East Asian Championships in Hongkong 2015?
It was so amazing time. Last year I participated in Asian Games in my country but I couldn't make result for my team. This year I am captain of the team so I have so much more responsibility than other guys and I got the gold, it was so beautiful time.

How difficult was the final kumite match for you at East Asian Championships in Hongkong 2015?
It was fight against Japan. First I got a point than I lost 2 points in 10 seconds so I didn't have time for many things and I decided to perform one skill which is my best for attack and I did it. Finally the score was 2:2. Two seconds before the end I had hantei win with 3 flags. I think god helped me because I was desperate for a gold. Not for me, but for my team. I had to show them: ,, We can do it.´´

Did you go to any karate summer camp this year 2015?
In March I was in Phuket with Thailand and Khazahstan team and now I have been in Bangkok at the international camp.

What are your leisure time activities?
Usually I stay at national team camp. We have training camp 10 months in 1 year. So if I get holiday I go to my hometown to visit my family. On weekend I like watching movies or hang out with friends.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live