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Interview with Shihan Madju Dharyanto Hutapea, 8 Dan

25/08 2015

lives in Jakarta, Indonesia,
is currently a member of the Committee of INKAI (Institute of Karate-do Indonesia) and Karate Examiner.

When did you start to learn karate?
I started to learn Karate since I was 10 years old.

In which dojo did you start practising karate?
That time I practiced Karate at Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia.

Why did you have an interest in studying karate?
Because Karate is good for health and self defense even without weapons at all.

When did you start to compete?
I started to join the competition in 1970.

Can you tell us about the results and the matches you consider as important for you in your homeland (NKRI)?
My achievements are winner of pre event local championship, national championship, and colleger championship for 7 times in a row.

When did you join national team of Indonesia?
I joined national team in 1979.

What is your Dan degree now?
Now I am Dan 8 Shotokan National Indonesia and Dan 8 at Deutch DKV, Germany.

In which karate federations are you a member?
I joined Indonesia Karate Federation (FORKI) in Indonesia, ITKF (International Traditional Karatedo of Federation), and WKF (World Karatedo Federation).

What is the meaning of karate to you as for a family, a larger family and in a larger family as for your homeland and federation?
Meaning of Karate for my family is to gain the togetherness, joyfulness, healthiness. Meaning of Karate for the the federation is for achievement developing of young generation in Indonesia. And for NKRI is in order to gain more achievement in International since Indonesia is international active participant.


Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live