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Interview with Sherilyn Wold

11/05 2016

Karate Live brings you interview with Sherilyn Wold from Netherlands.

3rd place kumite-68kg at WKF European Championship 2016 !

You are Bronze Medalist in Kumite from WKF European Championships 2016. How difficult was the way to the Bronze medal? Which kumite match was the hardest for you at this championship?

My first match was against Marina Rakovic from Montenegro, last year she won the bronze medal at the European Championships 2015 in Istanbul. My coach, Anthony Boelbaai knew Rakovic and applied the strategy on it. I won on hantei.
The second and third match I won both with 1-0. The semi final against Elena Quirici from Swisse I lost with 2-0. On Saturday was the bronze medal fight against Ivona Tubic from Croatia. I had a relaxed preparation, good coaches by my side and that resulted in the bronze medal.

After the bronze medal match with coach Anthony Boelbaai.


After hantei (5-0) against Croatia for bronze medal.

Can you tell us about European Championship? What is your overall feeling from this championship?

This was my first European Championship, it was a whole new experience. It started at the weighing, all the girls from -68kg in one room... All trying to impress with their six-packs (haha). Especially the fight for the bronze medal was most impressive for me, hearing my name SHERILYN WOLD FROM THE NETHERLANDS!!! Walk up to the tatami with the huge crowd and the big lights. I was a bit scary but at the end I was just proud to be there.

Can you introduce your coach with whom you were preparing for the European Championship?

Anthony Boelbaai and Ulrich Smeins are the national coaches and we prepare by training with the national team members once a week, Anthony is a very tactical coach and helped me my way through the matches. By the story that he became European Champion on May 5th, 20 years ago and telling me that I could do it too, gave me confidence.
My club trainers at Kenamju Haarlem are Rene Oerlemans and former World Champion Daniel Sabanovic, who helped me to prepare the road to Montpellier. Also my twin brother Donovan Wold who is competing in -84kg helped me a lot in handling all the nerves.

Ulrich Smeins, Rene Smaal, Sherilyn Wold and
Anthony Boelbaai (coaches and bronze medal -75kg)

Sherilyn and twin brother Donovan                        

How did you celebrate your success? How did they welcome you at home?

Starting with a big hug from my coach right after the match, hugs and kisses from my parents who were cheering on the stand in the arena.
The day after I really celebrated with the Dutch National Team at the farewell party, it was so much fun!
At home I had a surprise party from my club at Haarlem (Kenamju). Children which I teach, all the training buddies, trainers and friends were celebrating my bronze medal with me.

Sherilyn with trainer Rene Oerlemans

Karate kids at the suprise party!

When did you start to compete? Do you remember your first start?

I started karate when I was 10 years old and I was 12 when I had my first competition at a national kids tournament in Rotterdam (not a huge success, but I liked it).
At age 18, I was forced to stop competing because of a chronical injury. So I focused on teaching karate kids. The feeling of wanting to be competing was still there and the injury was developing the right way. So I decided to just try again, in September 2015 I did a little test at a lower level tournament (with success) and in November I had my first real competition, and now... I'm Europe’s number three!

What are your leisure time activities?

Actually karate..! I am a karate teacher and give daily lessons to children. I love to be with them and see them growing in karate and as a person. Besides that, I really like to be with my friends and family!

Are you preparing for your next tournament in the near future?

Haha, not right now! But, I will pick up very soon. There will be some Premier league challenges coming up and of course, The World Championships in Linz, Austria!

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live