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Interview with Sensei Jacky Detaille

05/08 2015

Sensei Jacky Detaille

President of France Amateur Karate Association
5x Champion WUKF
Vice Champion WKF 1987
7x Champion Belgigue WKF


Can you introduce your organization France Amateur Karate Association?

My association (the AFKA) was created in 2007 when I realized that as a Belgian living in France, I did not have the opportunity to represent France into a European Championship or World WKF, just because I didn't own the french nationality. This is how I came to realize that these championships was existing in other international organizations (WUKO, later WUKF and then IKU etc etc ...). It seemed important to me to offer this alternative to the karate athletes, not only for those who had this same problem of nationality as I had, but also for those who share a different vision of our sport karate as it's represented by the WKF (which I do not criticize) . Thus was born the Afka. We remain to this day the only major federation in France to offer this alternative to our members. Beyond the sporting aspect, the Afka is now likely to change more broadly in the field of mass karate, as a way of life and relaxation activity.

Can you tell us when did you start to practise karate? Who was your first teacher?

I started to practise karate in 1979 at the age of 11, and my first teacher was Michel Bonhomme, but thereafter I've had different other trainers like Jacky Wergifosse, Richard Kozak and later Jean-Pierre Fischer. I am so proud and grateful that I have learned from such Sensei's.

During your competition career which karate results are most important for you?

Without any hesitation my silver medal at the World Cup in 1987 in Budapest ! Because it was probably the only competition in the history of karate that have really gathered the best karatekas from all international organizations (there were only two back then). I was only 19 years old, and that day I received some congratulations from some legendary champions that I admired so much as Jose Manuel Egea, Emmanuel Pinda, Vic Charles or Jacques Tapol, fantastic memory ! I am also very proud of my five "World Champion" titles in WUKF. But nothing replaces the debut ...

Which kumite match was the hardest for you?

I had many tough fights against some great champions, but I remember two opponents in particular. The first was the French Alain Le Hetet with his 100 kgs and his Gladiator spirit during an international match Belgium-France. I remember that I tried to hit back, eye for eye, in front of my audience in Brussels, but despite all my efforts and my determination, I didn't succeed to win this fight ! The second was against the spanish Jesus Juan Rubio that remains for me one of the best lightweight in the karate history, and I am especially proud that I won this fight. But most of all, we became friends and this is what is most beautiful in our sport!

What are your current main activities in karate?

Just teaching and managing my association. I've stopped my sport career as karate athlete a year ago. Otherwise, I am very involved in a musical career, but that's another story...

Are you also a coach?

It happens to me that I coach, but for some times I tend to let some other holding this function

What are your leisure time activities?
I am fortunate that I lived all my life as a hobby, but sometimes it is good to change a bit the ideas despite the passion, so I like cooking (but mostly eat it !) good food, take a walk in the countryside, and spending time with my family.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best future.
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Historical photos:


Jacky Detaille Vs Alain Le Hetet (France). Int.Tournament Belgium/ France /Germany,1987,Bruxelles

Belgian national team(WKF)1987,