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Interview with sensei Ibrahim Albakr

08/09 2015

Sensei Ibrahim Albakr,

Egyptian, Arabian, African and World Champion,
Technical director in Egyptian national team

When did you start practicing karate? In which dojo and who was your first teacher?
I started training karate at the age of 7 years in an Egyptian military club. My first trainer was Cap. Reda El Ayat and Cap. Amr Moawad, one of sensei Okamoto assistants.

When did you start to compete? Do you remember your first start?
I started to compete in 1993. Wooooow I remember each moment in that time, it was really funny and I got more experience, it was a friendly and informal tournament among all the Egyptian military clubs and I got the 2nd place in Individual kata.

What are your main results in competitions and in which disciplines?
Well, let me share with you my results in Traditional Karate:
Champion of Egypt,
African Champion ( 1st place kata team and 2nd Enbu men),
Arabian Champion ( 1st place Karate team , 1st place Enbu men and 2nd place individual kata),
World Champion (Kata Team, Enbu men and Enbu Mixed)

Which medal is most valuable to you?
I'm proud of my results, but the most valuable medal to me is the Silver one in individual kata in the first Arabian championship.

Are you preparing for the next competition in the near future?
Currently I'm preparing for Traditional Karate World Cup 2015 and for the international United karate Championship 2015.

You are competitor and also coach of the national team. Can you tell us about your position in the national team?
Yes, I'm a competitor in national team and Sensei Ibrahim El Marhomry promoted me to lead the national team as a head coach for Kata and Enbu. Actually this is the first time all over the world to see that, but maybe because I have good experience and some good knowledge after attending hundreds seminars with Sensei Ibrahim El Marhomy in Egypt and Europe. Plus he gave me a value permission to attend many camps with the French national team and other teams. It helped me a lot to get more knowledge and experience from what I have got.

What does sensei Ibrahim El Marhony give to your life?
Actually no words can describe what Sensei Ibrahim El Marhomy did for me. He helped me a lot to improve my character, my skills and my qualifications not only in Traditional karate but also in my personal life. He gave me a great opportunity to attend all the international traditional karate seminars outside Egypt in order to get more experience. In addition to above you can consider him as a father, friend, teacher and role model not only in traditional karate but also in my whole life.

What are your other interests?
You can say that Traditional Karate is my life but I'm cycler as well, I'm cycling for charity.

In addition to above I would like to thank Sensei Ibrahim El Marhomy one of traditional Karate legends for his great support and his efforts.



 Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live