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Interview with Sandy Scordo

10/09 2015

Sandy Scordo,

number 1 kata competitor in the WKF all time ranking and current ranking, lives in France, practise karate in karate club Art Kombat.

Can you tell us about European Games, Baku 2015? What are your impressions? Are you satisfied with your results?
Baku has been for me like a revenge, because after my inconveniences at the European Championship due to the tatamis for the third place, it meant a lot to me to prove my skills. I'm very satisfied with my results. The organization of that competition was a success and I really enjoyed being a part of it.

During your karate career which medals are the most important for you?
The most important medal for me is the silver medal at the World Championships in Breme because I confirmed my second place at Bercy in 2012. And despite the result, I think that my performance measured up to my expectations. However, I really enjoyed the gold medal I won at the World Games in Colombia in 2013.

How long have you practised karate?
I've practiced karate for 20 years. And I also have a great family who has been supporting me from the beginning!

Have many times per week do you practise karate? Which part of training is your favourite?
I train 20 hours a week because I also work in a toys shop which is called La Grande Récré. I like all parts of my training, but especially when I reach my goals.

What is your favourite kata?
Unsu ! Like Michael Milon !

What is your attitude to competitions?
I've participated in international competitions since 2001 and I love competition! I have a surprise in store for you for the next European Championships! I was three times Europe Champion in junior category (my hair was short) and my best friends are karatekas.

Can you say something to young competitors who have been preparing for their first international competition?
Any experience is worth taking. You must be aware that any competition is a challenge to take up. Never surrender!

Have you ever used karate in a real life?
No, I have never felt the need to use it. I'm very relaxed and my look has been so far enough to calm things down!

Do you have official Facebook Page?
I'm very active on my facebook page Sandy Scordo where I have more than 8160 fans! It's awesome! I also give trainings when people contact me via facebook or email. I'm very available for that. I love it!

Let´s talk about your hair style. Your hair style is absolutely amazing. But have you ever had long hair?
Lol ! Yes, I have already had long hair in 2008 in Japan and that had been the worst competition I have ever done, so I cut it short again!

What are your leisure time activities?
I like riding a motorbike, dancing and vacation.

Do you have a pet?
I have a dog called Cheyen, I love her!

What is your life motto?
It's the US Marines' motto. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Let´s talk about your upcoming plans. Are you preparing for your next competition?
I'm in full preparation for the next European Championships in France. I'll be present at Istanbul Karate 1 and this will be my first competition as part of my preparation.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future.
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