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Interview with Sandra Sánchez

30/09 2015

Sandra Sánchez is number 1 kata competitor in the WKF Karate1 Premier League Ranking. She lives in Spain and has currently 4th Dan. In 2015 Sandra Sánchez was crowned as Gold Medalist in Female Kata at European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan as well as Gold Medalist in Female Kata at EKF European Championships in Turkey.  

Sandra Sánchez is member of Spanish Karate National Team. Next to her competing career she is also leader of international Karate Seminar.

This year 2015 is very successful for you. Gold medal from European Games in Baku and Gold medal from EKF Senior Championships in Turkey. Has your life changed after these achievements?

My life is the same, now there are more people who write me !!! But my life has changed before getting anything, my life has changed for this !! Few years ago I decided to change my workouts, found a personal trainer. I travelled to Japan to learn more and I tripled my hours of training. As I said my life had changed before, not after.

Can you tell us about European Games in Baku 2015? What are your impressions?

It was all a dream. I had worked hard for an opportunity and to be in the games was something unimaginable for me !!! I lived every moment with great enthusiasm. In Baku everything was prepared to make it an unforgettable experience for the athlete. Also at the competition everything went well and I remembered with great emotion my medal!!!

Which kata did you perform in the finals in Baku 2015?


Was it hard for you to win EKF Senior Championships in Turkey?

From the beginning it was a very hard championship, getting there was not easy for me !!! I think the first match was the most exciting, not only because my opponent was a very hard opponent (France), this was the first round, the nerves of the first European ... All together it was a bomb.

We know that to be a Champion, years of hard work in dojo are needed. Can you tell us about your beginnings in karate?

I started when I was 4 years old. I wanted to follow my brother. From the beginning I liked kata. When was the time for kumite I played with the hulla hop.

How does your training look like? Do you also practise kumite?

I train every day in traditional karate class. If there's kumite I practice kumite, kata, kihon, kobudo, kihon kumite ... etc.

What is your favourite kata?

Suparimpei and Pappuren

Let´s talk about your future plans in karate. Have you been preparing for your next competition? Will you lead any karate seminar in the near future?

I'm continually learning, my coach and partner Jesus del Moral is passionate about this art and he never ceased to investigate ... We want to travel to Taiwan to continue research the past of kata I practise. We also want to go back to Japan to continue to improve my karate.
My next goal is to finish first in the ranking of the Premier League, with my club Alahli. I would be first with just two more championships and then I have to start step by step, winning the championships of Spain to get a place in the next European and World Championships.

Note: To this date the goal of Sandra Sánchez concerning the K1 Premier League has been fulfilled already. Congratulations!

What are your leisure time activities?

I like to read, I like to go out and enjoy nature and I like to do other sports.

What is your favourite meal? Which cuisine do you prefer?

I love sushi and thank to my Sensei Javier Pineño I learned to cook.



  Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live