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Interview with Sakura Kokumai

24/09 2015

Sakura Kokumai was born in Honolulu, in Hawai. She represents successfully the USA Karate National Team in Female Kata.


Pan American Karate Championships, Toronto 2015 - Gold Medal
Pan American Karate Championships, Lima 2014 - Silver Medal
Pan American Olympic Festival, Mexico 2014 - Gold Medal
World Combat Games, Russia 2013 - Bronze Medal
Pan American Karate Championships, Argentina 2013 - Gold Medal
World Seniors Karate Championships, France 2012 - Bronze Medal
Pan American Karate Championships, (NCA), 2012 - Gold Medal
World Junior&Cadet Karate Championships, 2009 - Silver Medal in Junior Kata Female

When did you start to practise karate? Can you introduce your current karate club?
I started Karate in Hawaii when I was about 8 years old. Currently I am in the Inoue-ha Shito-ryu Keishinkai Dojo.

How many times per week do you practise karate? How does your training looks like?
I practice almost everyday. Lots of time looking in the mirror and checking my forms. Usually I would start with basics. Lots of basics...then would start focusing on my Kata. Since Kata practice is repetition of the same movement, I make sure that I'm focused during all of my training sessions.

What is your favourite kata?
Superinpei and Chatanyara Kushanku

You are Gold Medalist from Pan American Karate Championships, Toronto 2015. Which kata did you choose for the final?
For my final match I did Papuren.

What is your best memory from competitions?
It's difficult to choose just one...but the 2012 World Championships in Paris was the most memorable. I got Bronze medal in Female Ind. Kata. It was my second World Championships, and I was able to stand on the podium with my senpai, Rika Usami. This competition gave me confidence and inspired myself to keep training harder.

What are your leisure time activities?
Usually I'm busy with school, work, training or traveling for competitions. So when I do get time off I make sure I get some rest, go to the ocean and spend lots of time with my friends.

What is your favourite meal? Which cuisine do you prefer?
Fruits...all kind of fruits, and Sushi!!

What is your life moto?
Surround yourself with good people. Stay passionate, and never stop learning.

Let s talk about your future plans. Are you preparing for your next competition?
Yes, I will be competing in the K1 Premiere League in Austria in October. Hope to compete in more K1 events next year in preparation for the 2016 World Championships!

with members of the USA Karate National Team  

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future.
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