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Interview with Nuno Moreira

31/07 2015

Nuno Moreira

lives in Portugal,
practise karate in Clube da Karate da Maia (CK Maia)

When did you start to practise karate?
I started to practise karate when I was five years old. I participated in my first competition when I was 14 years old and since that time I have changed the objectives and started to work on the basis of competition. I began to practise karate under the influence of my family because my father and my sister were already practicing this sport.

Who was your first teacher?
My first teacher was my father and he continues to be my teacher, although I practise alone most of the time.

During your karate career which medal is for you the most important?
All medals have a special flavor for me, though one that impressed me a lot was at World Championship in Cyprus in 2005 when I gained the bronze medal. It was connected with a very thorough preparation with a very specific goal to win and than it resulted in a fact that my name is written in worldwide level.

We watched karate match Rafael Aghayev vs Nuno Moreira at Karate Premier League Dutch Open 2015. How was thematchfor you? What are your impressions?
I have already fought several times against Aghayev and really liked it, because that were very tactical matches and with a respect, because at this level any mistake is expensively paid. It's always an honor to fight against the best from the sport and try to find solutions to influence the match. He is a very humble athlete and always talks a little before or after the competition.

Can you say something to young competitors who have been just preparing for their first international karate competition?
Karate came closer into my life as my family that is why I have practiced until nowadays and I have very extended family thanks to sports karate. I love to compete and above all enjoy what karate gives us. We must prepare ourselves well physically but even better at the psychological aspect, because with it more battles go over than those we imagine. Good luck to everyone.


Are you also karate trainer?
Yes, I have a big club in Portugal, the name is CKMaia and we havealot of national champions. One good thing is that there exist just two world medals in Portugal, one is mine and the other one has my student Inês Rodrigues.

What are your plans in karate for this year 2015 and for the next year?
I'm gonna continue in hard training because I want too much to gain a medal from the European and World Championship. This is the objective of too many competitors and of course mine.


Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live