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Interview with Nikolaos Kosmas

03/11 2016

Nikolaos Kosmas / Greece

World Champion (2011)
European Champion (2010,2012)
WKF Youth Cup Winner (2008,2009)
Balkan Champion (2006,2007,2008,2013)
World Champion Kobe Osaka International (2006)
National Champion (2005-2016)

You have just came back from the World Championships in Linz. Can you tell us about your experience from this championship?
At World Championships, the things didn't go as I expected as I lost against the Armenian competitor. I feel full motivated right now and so hungry for the next competition! I will rest for a week and then return to trainings for harder work!

Can you remember your beginnings in karate? Who was your first coach? In which club do you practice Karate today and who is your coach?
I started practicing karate at the age of 9. My first and also current coaches are Mr Xenos Nektarios and Ms Soubasaki Mariza. They have the biggest karate club in Greece, with much success over the last years, named Odysseas Karate Club.

Which international medal is the most important for you?
Each medal is an important step of an athlete's career, but for me the greatest of all was in Baku,  at U21 European Championship 2012, where I got the first place at the podium.It was the biggest push I could have, especially when 4 months before I got the bronze medal at World Championships in Malaysia.


Which match brought you the greatest satisfaction in your sports career? What is your best memory from karate?
Every win has its own taste, I wouldn't like to choose any of them.They were all great and they brought me where I am today.

Is there any match which you want forget? And why?
Of course not... all matches, regardless if I win or lose, they are still import for me!

How much time do you spend in dojo during the week?
It depends on the period, there are times I spend more than 20 hours per week.

What do you do in your life as job?
Last years I have been working as Karate coach for all ages and I'm also Personal Trainer.I study at National Sports University.

What is your favourite food? Can you cook something for yourself?
As a Greek guy, it will be lie if I don't say my most favourite food is souvlaki.Yes, sometimes I try to cook by myself.

What are your future plans in karate?
Main plan and I have to be so focused to this, it is to catch the Olympic Dream, so to be able to be in Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. I think this is the dream of many young promising karatekas.So I'll give all my best to make it true!


Thank you very much for the inteview. We wich you all the best in the future. Karate Live