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Interview with Mickael Serfati, Davy Serfati and Sandy Serfati

21/09 2015

Mickael Serfati is 10x Champion of France, World University Champion, European Regional Champion. He lives in France, practise karate in Kajyn Club.

Davy Serfati is brother of Mickael, started to compete when he was three years old. He lives in France and practise karate in Kajyn Club.

Sandy Serfati is sister of Mickael, started to compete in karate at the age of 6 years. When she was 15 years old, she was at 2nd place in Kumite at European Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Mickael Serfati Davy Serfati Sandy Serfati

When did you start to practise karate? Can you introduce your current karate club?

Mickael Serfati: I always did karate (laugh), my father is Sensei and ex International Champion and member of French Team. My mother was also practicing karate. So they were training together and I was there on the tatami. As soon as I could walk, I started with karate. My current club is the Kajyn Club, my father’s club. I changed for a long time for making team, but now I´m back to basics.

Davy Serfati: I started with karate when I knew how to walk, I am born on tatamis! The first things I saw were fight and katas. I train currently in two clubs of my father, above all in Kajyn Club next to Bastille. That is a nice structure next to my work and my new home, where I have lived since 1 year.

Sandy Serfati: I started when I was baby because my father is a teacher. My club is the Kajyn Club, it´s a very good structure inside where I can also do my physical preparation and I like doing crossfit there.

with Sensei Daniel Serfati  

What do you appreciate most at your Sensei? Do you have any nice karate memory in connection with him?

Mickael Serfati: I travelled a lot in the world and trained with many different sensei in the world. My father is for me the best sensei of the world. Because honestly I have never seen someone so passionate when he teaches. Yes, when I won my second senior French Champion title, he coached me and I was just back from my first trip in the US, so great memory.

Davy Serfati: My father, my sensei knows me better than everyone, he knows what I feel and what I need! He was a great competitor and he knows how to motivate me to progress everytime. My best memory with my father was my first French Champion title. He was so proud of me, I can't forget this moment.

Sandy Serfati: His way of making me learn and also his determination. He is real example for me. My best memory with him is when I had my first French Champion title, I was 14 years old, he has been so proud of me.

When did you start to compete? Do you remember your first competition? Was it successful?

Mickael Serfati: I can´t really remember it cause I was to small. I know that when I was kid I did also Kata and Kumite. I won a lot when I was kid, I have a lot of trophies. When I was teenager my first national champ was not a success. I was very angry. Then next year I came back and won French Championships.

Davy Serfati: I started with competitions when I was three yeard old, it was inter club and I remember that I loved it, to give some blow and to receive, I liked the fight I am born with the films of Van Damme or Bruce Lee. I remember that usually I won those competitions but there was no really challenge. My first real title was the French Cup with the team when I was 13 years old.

Sandy Serfati: I started when I was 6, my first competition was Paris Championships and yes, I won, I used to do a lot of flegs.

Which medal is the most important for you?

Mickael Serfati: My 2nd place at Europe Champ -21. That was really important for me. Cause at my -18 Europe Champ I lost in the same city Izmir. So it was a revenge. And I was second cause I couldnt move in final. My sternum was little broken in semi final. But I remember I was really happy of this tournament.

Davy Serfati: The most important for me is my second title of French Champion, I was hurt to the right knee before the final. With the support of all my club and my family I fought and I won.

Sandy Serfati: It was when I had my first 2nd place at European Championships when I was 15. It was in Baku, Azerbaijan.

You are medalists from Championnats d'Europe des Regions 2015. What are your impressions from this competition?

Mickael Serfati: It was a really excellent competition and a really good organization. Barely all the best of Europe were there. That was really good and it was also really good to do this at home.

Sandy Serfati: It was a really good competition, many of the best European athletes were there and it was very good organized in Paris.

How difficult was the final match for you at Championnats d'Europe des Regions 2015?

Mickael Serfati: It was a good match against barely the real team of Turkey so the level was very hard. But with all the support of our people in France we were stimulated and we won !!

Sandy Serfati: The team in front was the senior team of Russia, so it was hard, there was inside the team the European Champion, Inga Sherozia. We made a good work as a team and we were motivated because we were at home.

Sandy, you have two brothers and both are karateka. You as a girl in a karate family, have you ever tried to do also any other sport?

Sandy Serfati: Yes, I danced 7 years in complement to karate, to different myself (laugh), but finally karate is in my blood so I came back naturally to karate and it was real good decision.

What are your leisure time activities?

Mickael Serfati: I do boxing and also sometimes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I like these sports. I like also running. But when I´m at home what I do the most is watching TV shows, I am really fan of it, watching episodes after episodes ( laugh). This is a good thing for me to rest after sport.

Davy Serfati: I usually practice Five Football. I am a "serial buteur" and I like speed on Athletisme (100m in 12-13sec max). I do some jogging and swimming. However I like to watch all the sports in TV.

What is your favourite meal? Which cuisine do you prefer?

Mickael Serfati: I love Japanese food like sushi, maki and california. There is a place in Paris where they have the best Sushi. I always go and I bring my friend of the USA team with Tom Scott, Brian Ramrup and all the rest of the team there.

Davy Serfati: My favorite one is also Japanese food and nothing else (sushi and "brochette cheese beef ").

Sandy Serfati: I like also cheese-beef like my brothers ( laugh ), good French cuisine, the best in the world according to me.

Are you preparing for your next competition?

Davy Serfati: During last years I placed my work in real estate and studies in first position. Now I have finished my studies (master in real estate). I bought a new car and I moved into my new house so now I hope to come back at my best level. I train hard to prepare to my next competition, Adidas Open.

Sandy Serfati: Yes, I´m preparing hard ( karate + physical preparation) for the German Open next week, can´t wait to be there !!!

As leader of karate seminar, can you tell us about your current actions? What are your future plans in karate ?

Mickael Serfati: Yes, I give seminars in different countries of the world and I also teach in Paris but I do not forget my competition career. I have been still preparing and working very hard for the next tournament. This is the year of Euro in Paris and World Championships. I´ll train hard for that.

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Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live