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Interview with Maria Russica

14/08 2015

Maria Russica

lives in Italy,
practise karate in WUKA Italia & D.A.

How long do you practise karate and who was your first teacher?
I started practicing karate in the dojo of my master Michele Nicosia in 1988, where I currently teach and practice.

Can you introduce your dojo?
Dojo where I practice and teach is as my family in everything .... you can practise there according to the rules and work together for Karate Do !!

What are your greatest results in karate?
The greatest achievements have given pride to my family and to my Master thanks to which I have obtained it. I was awarded 6th DAN for sporting merit, and I got as many as 11 world titles in kata / kumite. I am international referee and also nowadays I have hold the post of national coach of the national kata team.

Do you have any interesting memory from your competition career?
I remember with a pleasure the worldwide tournament in Nice where I won with disbelief 2 titles in kata / kumite.

Have you ever had the impression (as a competitor), that the judge is not objective?
It matters on the selection. Some judge was not objective and impartial.

How long have you been working as a judge? What is the hardest part of the work of referees?
I have been referee for 20 years and the most difficult thing is to believe in what you do, be impartial and above parties although there are your athletes, and especially control their emotions.

Have you ever used karate in real life?
I used karate in real life ..... worked! ( of course without damage, (the flight of the victim insured) !!

Do you have any life motto?
My motto is: "Non c'e' fortuna per gli artisti"!


 Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live