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Interview with Lena Skåtun

07/10 2015


JKA World Championships Tournament:
2014 Tokyo: 3rd place (Kumite Team)

JKA European Championships:
2015 Prague: 1st place (Kumite), 3rd place (Kata), 1st place (Kumite Team)
2014 Belgium: 3rd place (Kumite), 2nd place (Kumite Team)
2012 Paris: 3rd place (Kumite), 2nd place (Kata Team), 2nd place (Kumite Team)

Norwegian National Championships:
11x Gold Medal, 7x Silver Medal, 4x Bronze Medal

When did you start to practice karate?
I started practicing karate at the age of seven, so I have been training the martial art for fourteen years.

Can you introduce your current karate club? Which trainers are at your club?
I started karate in my hometown Fusa with my sensei, Eirik Nordbø 3rd Dan JKA. When I started my studies in Bergen in 2013 I became a member of the largest karateclub in Bergen named Bjørgvin. Almost everyday I have karate lesson with my amazing and dedicated instructors, Fredrik Pettersen 5´th Dan JKA, Kjetil Eidsnes 4´th Dan JKA and Benjamin Skåtun 3´rd Dan JKA.

You are Bronze Medalist in Kumite Team from JKA World Championships 2014. In which category did you compete? What is your overall feeling from this championship?
I competed in the senior group. At that time I was 20 years old and the senior group were 21+. One of the competitor in our team were older than 21 years old, therefore we had to compete in this group. 3rd place was an indescribable experience because we were young and I didn’t thought we would reach that far. To fight in front of the worlds best karatekas and sensei´s was an experience I´ll never forget.


How did you like to stay in Tokyo, Japan? Was it for you the first visit? Or have you already been to Japan before?
I´ve been in Tokyo once before for attending at Honbu Dojo training course in 2011. I was travelling together wit my family and of course our chief instructor Geir Arild Larsen sensei 7th Dan, technical comitee and other dedicated karatekas from JKA Norway. We had a fantastic stay in Tokyo both times and I will be back soon.

Among your other great results you are Gold Medalist in Kumite Individual from JKA European Championships 2015. How difficult was the final match for you?
In the final match I met a girl from Germany. I was so focused that I don´t remember a lot from that match. I think perhaps the semifinal was more difficult.

What is your favourite kata?

What are your leisure time activities?
Mountain climbing, strength training and skiing (of course skiing cause I´m from Norway).

What is your favourite meal?
I love sushi!

Lena Skåtun with her brother just after she won the final match at European Championships 2015  

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future.
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