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Interview with Jonathan Horne

06/10 2016

Karate Live brings you interview with Jonathan Horne from Germany.

This year he gained 1st place at the European Championships 2016 in Montpellier in France:   

You are Gold Medallist in Kumite from WKF European Championships 2016. How difficult was the way to the Gold Medal? Which kumite match was the hardest for you at this championship?

Yes, it was a great feelling for me to stand at the top of podium after 3 years. The hardest match was the semifinal against France, because it was in his country.

Photos: Ralf Wolbers

How do you celebrate your wins?

I celebrate always same by my own. And after with my friends.

What is most important for success in kumite?

The important thing is to have fun and stay the way you are.

Photos: Ralf Wolbers

What is your best memory from karate?

The best memory was the European Games 2015 in Baku. It was a great feeling to start under the Olympic flag. To be with all the other athlets from different sports in a big place was nice.
And the World Championships in Bremen. To have all your friends and family around you, who see you fighting and support you at the tatami was one of the biggest pleasure in my life.

Photos: Ralf Wolbers

Do you have a life motto?

My motto is stay focused and always try to be better than the rest.


Thank you very much for the inteview. We wich you all the best in the future. Karate Live


International Results:
2016 K1 Premier League- Hamburg (GER) Male Kumite 84+kg-2nd Place
2016 51st EKF Senior Champ.(FRA) Male Kumite 84+kg - 1st Place
2016 K1 Premier League- Dubai (UAE) Male Kumite 84+kg-3rd Place
2016 K1 Premier League- Rotterdam (NED) Male Kumite 84+kg- 3rd Place
2015 50th EKF Senior Championships (TUR) Male Kumite 84+kg-3rd Place
2015 K1 Premier League - Almere (NED) Male Kumite 84+ kg - 1st Place
2015 K1 Premier League - Paris (FRA) Male Kumite 84+ kg - 2nd Place
2014 K1 – Grand Final-Salzburg (AUT) Male Kumite 84+ kg - 1st Place
2014 49th EKF Senior Champ.(FIN) Male Kumite 84+ kg - 3rd Place
2013 48th EKF Senior Karate Champ.(HUN) Kumite 84+kg-3rd Place
2012 K1 Salzburg (AUT) Male Kumite 84+ kg -1st Place
2012 K1 Turkey 2012 (TUR) Male Kumite 84+ kg - 1st Place
2012 47th EKF Senior Karate Champ.(ESP) Kumite 84+kg-1st Place
2012 K1 Nederlands (NED) Male Kumite 84+ kg - 1st Place
2012 K1 Paris (FRA) Male Kumite 84+ kg - 3rd Place
2011 46th EKF Karate Senior Champ.(SUI) Kumite 84+kg - 1st Place
2010 45th EKF Karate Senior Champ.(GRE)Kumite 84+kg - 1st Place
2008 19th World Senior Karate Champ.(JPN) Kumite +80 Kg - 3rd Place
2008 43rd EKF Karate Senior Champ.(EST)Kumite +80 Kg- 1st Place
2008 35th EKF Junior & Cadet Karate Champ.(ITA)Junior+80 Kg-2nd Place
2007 5th World Junior & Cadet Karate Champ.(TUR)Junior+80 Kg-3rd Place
2005 4th World Junior & Cadet Karate Champ.(CYP) Cadet+75 Kg-1st Place


National Results: 
2016 German Champion (+ 84 kg)
2015 German Champion (+ 84 kg)
2013 German Champion (+ 84 kg)
2012 German Champion (+ 84 kg)
2011 German Champion (+ 84 kg)
2010 German Champion (+ 84 kg)
2009 German Champion (+ 84 kg)
2008 German Champion (+ 84 kg)
2007 German Champion (+ 80 kg)
2006 Master (Kumite Youth + 75 kg)
2005 German Champion (Kumite Youth + 75 kg)
2004 German Champion (Kumite Team Youth)
2003 German Vice Champion (Students +55 kg)
2002 German Vice Champion (Students +55 kg)