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Interview with Ivan Milosavljevich

25/07 2015

Ivan Milosavljevich
Lives in Florida, USA,
1.place Kumite Team US Open 2015

How long do you practice karate and who was your first teacher?

In practicing karate since 1994, my first teacher is actually my father Stanojlo Noka Milosavljevic.

Where do you practice now and what is the name of your current coach?

My dojo is now DBK school, and sensei Demian Bermudez as first coach. Great personality, and attitude. But also I would like to mention that I'm thankful to sensei Noel Hernandez for his advice and encouragment.

How difficult is your training?

First of all , I had big problems with knee injuries.2011 ACL surgery, and 7 months ago menisucs surgery. After every injury I had a problem to concentrate and to provide maximum during training. I can say that from day to day I ask myself to growing stronger pace and for a new target.

What is your biggest impression from the US National?

The biggest impression is certainly in each category coming athletes fromspilled over the world. That's great, different schools of karate from around the world to unite and install powerful US TEAM.

US National 2015

Historical photo, First Gi, with family

Thank you very much for the interview.We wish you all the best in the future. Next interview will be soon!
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