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Interview with Hunan Leon Avetisyan

13/12 2015

Hunan Leon Avetisyan

President of Den-to Fudokan karate-do Federation of Spain

When did you start practising karate?
I started practicing Karate when I was 4, its around 25 years now.

Who was your first teacher?
My first teacher was and stays my dad. He is the president of Armenian Den-to Fudokan karate-do federation, Professor Karen Avetisyan (8th Dan). He was my role model, and I am very grateful to him as it was his behalf that I first entered Dojo.

You are Bronze Medalist from World Championship of World Fudokan Federation 2015 in Belgrade. What is your overall feeling from this championship?
I have a lot of postive feeling after the championship. It was first time for me to take part in world championship, so I was really excited about it. I met and became friends with a lot of good masters of karate. I can state that I got bronze medal and golden friends in this championship.

Which kumite match was the hardest for you at this championship?
I can not point out any of the kumites as all of them were different and hard on their own way. All the participants were well prepared for the championship. I won just because luck was on my side.

Are you also karate trainer? Can you introduce your current karate club?
The club I founded is still new in Spain, so we do not have too many members for now. We have been working on it and hopefully, we will have our students introducing Spain in Fudokan's competitions very soon.

What are your leisure time activities?
I try to spend most of my time with my family. I have a baby who is so small yet, just 5 months old. My goal and dream is that my son will be in kimono one day, practicing with me.

You are also singer. Can you tell us about your future plans?
Singing is just hobby for me. It is just a way of getting out from daily routine. In next few months might be a duet with one of famous singer in Spain.



Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live