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Interview with Florin Pricob

08/08 2015

Florin Pricob
President of Traditional Fudokan Shotokan Karate-Do Federation of Belgium


Can you tell us about your beginnings in karate?
I was born into a family of practitioners and international champions of judo and karate. At the age of five years I started to mimics seriously what happens in martial arts and a year later I started to compete in judo. Later with the fall of the communist system in Romania and when the ban was lifted, I started to compete in karate championships, specifically in 1990. My mentor and coach was my mother Florica Pricob who discovered and formated also other internationally well-known athletes such as Cornel Musat. I have brothers, but thanks to our coach who managed to unite us very much I can say that I am proud to be connected to Cornel Musat just like to a big brother.

Can you tell us about your vision, how to prepare a karateka for a competition?
I think we should follow the path of our master sensei Ilija Jorga and Vladimir Jorga. Specific training form is implemented to us directly and than through our sport we can develop more physically and mentally. Most important is not to be conservative and have the courage to experiment and combat more or less in other martial arts. I greatly combine judo, jujitsu, Brazilian boxing, cardio and fitness methods which use training with very low weights. That's my philosophy of preparing a karateka.

During your karate career which medals are the most important for you?
I can say that European national kumite titles are most important for me. But I am most proud of team success when the national team consisted of athletes from the club that I belong to.

What is the biggest accomplishment in karate for you?
It is my recognition by my greatest masters of karate Ilija Jorga and Vladimir Jorga and their trust and responsibility that they have given to me to be the one that represents Fudokan in Belgium.

What do you mean, does karate influence also life outside karate?
I can say there is a strong connection because if somebody fails to apply many of karate principles, he or she usually does not have success in the other plans too.

Belgian Team Florin Pricob with Romanian Team

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live