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Interview with Estefania Tremul

20/09 2015

Estefania Tremul

lives in Venezuela.

Can you tell us about your beginnings in karate?
Since I was 12 I have been dreaming to represent my country. I was in many sports such as swimming, soccer, volleyball. But I have never attended any national or international competition. Then I heard something about some people going to Japan to compete, so I looked up for the information and I saw it was something called "karate" so the next day I was "practicing" in something called Dojo. Nowadays a simple curiosity and a dream has passed to a passion, to a way of life. Since 2009 I've been competing in national and regionals competitions, wining more than 60 medals.

What are your main international results in karate competitions?
In 2013 I had the chance to represent my country Venezuela at the 11th WSKF World Championships, held in Tokyo Japan. I won two silvers and one bronce.
For me it was a dream which came true, it was hard but I enjoyed every single minute of training. Then I went to study to the USA but I came back because I dreamed to be elected to go to the 12th WSKF World Championships in Tokyo, Japan so I came back to my country and while I was teaching karate to the kids I was training hard to accomplish this goal. And so I did, I was elected to go the 12th WSKF World Championships, again the training was very tough, more than last year of course. We had to train more our mind than our body. The trainings were from Monday to Saturday 3 hours per day except Friday and Saturdays that we train for 5 hours. But every single training was worth it, we all were prepared enough! .. In the championship I won one gold medal, and two silver medals.


In which disciplines have you gained these medals?
I won gold medal in Cadet Team Kata. Silver medal in Adult Team Kata and the other silver medal in Adult Team Kumite.

Which impression left Japan on you?
Japan for me, is totally a different world. The culture is very different from the cultures I know. The people are very kind and are always willing to help and to serve. Everything is very clean and organize. You can clearly see that is a country where the discipline and respect are everywhere and everyone has it.

What is your favorite kata?
My favorite kata for sure is Kankudai. I think that is a complete kata and has all the basics stances and techniques. It´s really a challenge to train and win with this kata, because as I said it has many different stances and it is kind of long, but I think if you get to manage this kata, all the others kata will be easier.

What is the name of your coach and what does he or she means to you?
The name of my Sensei is Alexandra Marquez. More than my Sensei she has been like a mother to me. She has introduce me and guided me all these years through this amazing path. She is one of the most amazing women I ´ve ever met. My Sensei is always there supporting me and helping me improve. I´m really thankful and honored to have her as Sensei.

in Japan Estefania with Sensei Alexandra Marquez  

Are you preparing for your next competition in the near future?
Actually, I am. Since the first step I made in Venezuela I have started to train hard again. Because I want to go to the XII WSKF World Championship in 2017 again with my WSKF Venezuela family.


Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live