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Interview with Ena Dizdarević

03/08 2015

Ena Dizdarevič

lives in Mostar, BiH

What are your greatest results in karate?
My greatest success is the gold medal at Fudokan European Championship, that took place in Romania-Galati in June,2014. I won the first place in category kata youth individual. Also, at World Fudokan championship in the Czech Republic 2013 my kata team won the gold medal.

How long do you practise karate and who was your first teacher?
I started to practice karate in 2002, when i was 10 years old. And my fist teacher was, and he still is sensei Salih Grbić.

What is the name of your club, can you introduce your karate club?
My club is called Karate Club "Mostar" Mostar - Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the oldest karate club in my country. It was established in 1968 with influence of sensei Ilija Jorga. We practice traditional karate but also we are able to compete under WKF - sports karate. My club is one of the most successful in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What is your favourite part of training?
Every time after training I feel much better and I get positive energy. Mostly I enjoy practicing kata, but also I like all sorts of fitness exercises that help me later to perform some difficult karate moves.

Which part of training you do not like?
When we have trainings as preparations for some big championships. It can be demanding and difficult, so It is important to relax in between. I like to push my limits every time I train, thats how my technique develop and the way I make progress.

What does karate give to your life?
Karate gives me stability, self esteem, and It helps me to deal with life problems. By practicing karate I learned what self control is. Karate is the way of life to me, with every win and loss I got a life lecture, and I am sure that without karate I wouldn't be the same person as I am today.

What karate takes from your life?
Karate takes me a lot of time. It is sometimes hard to combine college obligations with sport. I study mechanical engineering and it can get complicated when I have exams and an important tournament at the same week-month. But until now I managed quite a lot and I am satisfied.

Have you ever used karate in real life?
Once I defended my friend and myself on the street from some guy, but It wasn't dangerous very much, he ran quickly.

What is your best memory in karate?
Best memories we made on championships, besides on tatami, we had great time meeting other competitors, talking with them and exchanging experiences. So now, I have friends all around the world and thats priceless.

What is your worst memory in karate?
Worst memories for me were when I got injured, It was couple times and they weren't some big injuries but they stopped me and I couldnt train.

What is your favourite kata?
My favorite kata is Annan, but I also enjoy performing Setsu kata and Gojushiho Sho.

Are you also a coach or a judge?
I help my trainer with younger group in my club, so I spend some time as a trainer also. I became judge couple years ago and I also got
Internationallicense. I am still learning how to become a good judge. Everytime I workas a judge I consider as most important to be honest, fair, educated and to use my knowledge on the right way and thats the way how I make decisions.



Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best future.
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