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Interview with Elisa Au Fonseca

27/04 2017

Karate Live brings you interview with Elisa Au Foncesa (USA).
Elisa won gold medal in -68 kg Female Kumite at the USA Open Karate Championship - Las Vegas, April 14, 2017.

Can you tell us something more about your final match at US Open?
It was strange to be back in a finals match after 7 years of athletic retirement. But I can say that I was calmer this around, especially when I did not receive the first point (senshu). I relied on my experience to get me through the challenge. Winning the match was really incredible and I could feel all the support from the spectators. I am really grateful for all the positive energy.

Elisa Foncesa (Gold medal) & John Fonseca and David Contreras (Silver medal), photos: Foncesa Martial Arts

What is your overall feeling from the US Open?
I wanted to do a good job at the US Open because not only is it my home turf, but I had over 20 athletes from my dojo at the event, most who had never seen me compete before. Some weren’t even born yet! But once I stepped on the mat, the pressure went away and I could just be myself as an athlete. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences for me in karate competiton so far and I have a feeling that it will feel this way for me this time around.

Note: Great results of “Foncesa Martial Arts” at the US Open 2017

What is your best memory from karate?
My best memory has to be winning +60 at the 2004 World Championships in Mexico. It was my second individual gold medal at that world championship and a repeat gold for that category. I remember someone mentioning that the double individual gold had never been done before. It was a huge moment of accomplishment for me.

Can you tell as about Fonseca Cup 2017?
Unfortunately, we are not running the Fonseca Cup this year. We are extremely busy with our business and want to focus on the new locations that we are opening. The Fonseca Cup started in 2011 and we will resume it in 2018, with more emphasis on attracting international athletes. John and I want to offer American athletes world class competition here in the USA. Our tournaments have always been centered around the athlete experience, so we will continue to look for ways to make it a favorite among athletes of all ages.

What are your future plans?
The end goal is Tokyo 2020! I will continue to work hard every day towards that dream, but not forget to enjoy the process. I want to show my children that it is good to dream big, work hard and be kind to those who support you.

 Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live