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Interview with Elena ‎Zheltuchina

09/08 2015


2012: 1st Word Karate Games / KWF – 1st place kata seniors

2013: Word Cup for clubs/ Italia WUKF – 3rd place kata seniors

2013: Word championship IJKA/ Bulgaria – 2nd place kata seniors

2014: International Karate Styles Completions WSKU / WKF Russia – 2nd place kata

2014: 7th European Championship WSKF – 1st place kata

2014: International Olympic Games of Martial Arts East-West/ WKC Sankt-Petersburg – 1st place kata

2014: International Karate Tournament Goju-ryu/ WKF Russia – 1st place kata

How long do you practise karate and who was your first teacher?
I started training karate at the age of 13 years and my first trainer was Krutikov Sergei. He practices traditional karate Shotokan style.

Can you introduce your karate club?
I train in two clubs Moscow "Rodina" and " Tatsujin karate school". My coach of physical condition and kumite is Ozerov Evgeny and my kata teacher is Veniamin Garmaev.

Which medal is the most important for you?
Medals are important and dear to me, but I think that the main will be in the future.

What is your favourite kata?
I like kata Anan and Chataniara Kushanku.

What are your current main activities in karate?
I practice shito ryu kata.

What are your future plans in karate?
To participate in the international and world competitions.

What are your leisure time activities?
In my leisure time I like reading( mostly Russian classics), shopping, cooking cupcakes.


Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best to the future. Karate Live