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Interview with Elena Quirici

29/09 2016



2016 - K1 Premier League–Hamburg (GER)– Female Kumite -68 kg– 3rd Place
2016 - 51st EKF Senior Championships (FRA) - Female Kumite -68 kg - 1st Place
2016 - K1 Premier League - Paris 2016 (FRA) - Female Kumite -68 kg - 2nd Place
2015 - K1 Premier League - Salzburg 2015 (AUT) - Female Kumite -68 kg - 3rd Place
2015 - K1 Premier League - Coburg 2015 (GER) - Female Kumite -68 kg - 2nd Place
2015 - 50th EKF Senior Championships (TUR) - Female Kumite -68 kg - 2nd Place
2014 - K1 Premier League–Grand Final -Salzburg 2014 (AUT)- Female Kumite-68 kg- 2nd Place
2014 - K1 Premier League - Hanau 2014 (GER) –Female Kumite -68 kg - 2nd Place
2014 - 41st European Karate Champ.for Cadets, Juniors and U21(POR)-U21 Kumite-60 kg- 2nd Place
2013 - 40th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ. 5th Under 21 (TUR) - U21 Kumite-60 kg - 1st Place
2012 - 21st World Seniors Karate Championships (FRA) - Female Kumite -61 kg - 3rd Place
2012 - Karate1 Turkey 2012 (TUR) - Female Kumite -61 kg - 2nd Place
2012 - 39th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ. 4th U21 (AZE) -Junior Kumite Female -59 kg - 1st Place
2011- 38th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ.3rd U21 (SRB) -Junior Kumite Female -53 kg - 2nd Place

Can you tell us something more about your final match at European Championships in 2016? What was the deciding moment of your victory ? What is your overall feeling from this championship?

I knew I had to be 150% ready for this fight in my mind and also my body. I think the deciding moment of my victory wasn't during the fight, it was before my final. I was well prepared in my mind and knew exactly what to do. So I could go to this final with big self confidence and just enjoyed the moment on the tatami. The feeling to be on the top of the podium at the European Championships is indescribable. All my hard work payed off and I could share this moment with my loved ones, which mean the world to me.


Can you tell us about your beginnings in karate and when you got a white belt? Who was your first teacher?

So my mother is Karate Teacher and I went all the time with her to look how she gives lessons. When I was 4 years old I told her, so now it is my turn, I want also to do Karate. That was my start in Karate. My first teacher was my Mother Brigitte Quirici and Daniel Humbel.

Do you remember your first competition? Was it successful for you?

I can't remember my first competition, cause it was long time ago. But I hear this history all the time. Cause at my first competition I didn't even competed, cause I was to scarred of everything. But at my first competition where I really competed I was second.

What does karate give to your life?

Karate gave so many things to my life. Cause of Karate I get to know my body and my mind better. I learned that even if there are though times, that I have to continue and believe in myself. I learned to be self-confident and trust in what I can do.

What does karate take away from your life?

I think there is nothing what it takes away. Yes, I spend my time all the time travelling or I'm at training. But I can do what I love and that is the most beautiful thing. I can see different cities, meet people from all over the world and have fun on this journey.

What is your favourite place in Switzerland?

There are a lot of beautiful places in Switzerland. It is worth visiting. I like a lot the lakes in Switzerland, for example in Zürich. But in winter I like also the mountains with the snow and have fun there.

Do you still have time for other activities outside karate? What are your leisure time activities?

Of course I still have time outside karate. Or I do a time for it, cause I think it is also important to take your mind away from it. I like to go shopping with my friends or just be in the city with them. I like also to try other sports like squash, football, basketball. But its better to stay in Karate.

Lets talk about your future plans. Are you preparing for your next competition?

Nowdays when Karate became Olympic sport, my dream is to be in Tokyo 2020. But at first there are other important competitions. At the moment I am preparing for the World Championships in Linz at the end of October.

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 Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live