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Interview with Elena Chatziliadou

30/11 2016

Elena Chatziliadou from Greece - won Silver medal at World Championship 2016

2016 WKF World Senior Championships 2016 (AUT), Kumite 68+kg - 2nd Place
2016 51st EKF Senior Championships (FRA), Kumite 68+kg - 5th Place
2012 21st World Seniors Karate Championships (FRA), Kumite 68+kg - 3rd Place
2012 Karate1 Athens 2012 (GRE) Karate1 World Cup, Kumite 68+kg - 3rd Place
2011 38th EKF Junior&Cadet Karate Champ.3rd Under 21 (SRB), Kumite 59+kg - 2nd Place
2009 6th World Junior&Cadet Karate Champ/ 1st Under 21year's Cup (MAR) Kumite 59+kg - 5th Place

2x Balkan Champion, 1 x Silver BKF
14 times National Champion


What is your overall feeling from the World Championship?
I am very happy that I made one dream come true. I really enjoyed every moment in Linz.

How difficult was the way to the Silver medal?
I had five strong fights in the way to the Final. The most difficult part was my injuries I had before I competed at the World Championship. Luckily they didn't influence me until the semifinal.

Which kumite match was the hardest for you at this championship?
Every match is hard. The point is to be more clever than the opponent. The hardest opponent is ourself. If you lose your focus then you can also lose from a weaker athlete than you.

You have also competed in the women's kumite team, how you succeeded at the World Championship?
We won against the team of Hong Kong ,Ukraine and we lost unfortunately in the 3rd round against China without any repassage. We had a great team with Vicky Panetsidou and Christina Kavakopoulou.

How did you like Linz?
I like Linz and generally Austria. And it's close to Germany, where I live currently. When I will have the chance, I will go there again. Maybe to K1-Premier League.

Do you remember your first competition? Was it successful for you?
Yes, of course I remember. I was 8 years old and it was the first time I was Greek National Champion. Until today I had never lose this title.

Who was your first coach and at which club did you start practicing? And who is your coach now?
My coach is my father. I have practiced with him since I was 5 years old. He is a great coach and father. Without him I couldn't be the athlete I am today and I am very grateful to him. My Dojo is "Pierikos" in Katerini, Greece and since one year "Bushido Bonn" , Germany.

What does karate mean to you and which place karate has in your life?
Karate is the way of my life. My parents were great fighters and later teachers. Me and my little sister we had grown up with all the meaning of Karate. I practice Karate with love , passion and to have fun. After my work as Physiotherapist I go direct to the training. When I have free time I give some lessons as a trainer or do seminars.

What are your future plans?
First of all , the plan I have always in my mind is to be better, faster and more clever. Then I am searching sponsors for taking part at the European and World Championship, having the opportunity for more success. My biggest dream is to be next time the "WORLD CHAMPION" and to take part hopefully at the Olympic Games in Tokyo ,2020.


 Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live