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Interview with Dr. Rony Kluger

28/08 2015

Dr. Ron KLUGER, 8th Dan Goju Ryu Karate Do, Hanshi,
DNBK – Kyoto
Sho Honbu Jundokan - Okinawa
Rector – International Budo Academy
Kancho – Karate Do International Renmei
General Secretary of IBSSA
Head of Education & Qualification Department of IBSSA
President of IBSSA International Sport Federation

You are the leader of International Budo Academy. Can you introduce this academy to us?
The Academy is an educational Institute, it is not a sport association. We focusing on teaching Instructors, Teachers, Masters of classical Martial Arts. Under our umbrella is wide range of very Senior Sensei from different styles. We accrediting ranks and leading courses, seminars in all facets of classical Budo. The Academy reached great International popularity and doing it's best to teach, train and integrate Budo culture world wide.

Among your other huge activities you are also the leader of Israeli System of Military Self Defense, Krav Maga, International. What are the advantages of practicing Krav Maga? Is this martial art also good as a sport for women?
Israeli System of Military Self Defense - Krav Maga is not a sport and not a Martial Art. Krav Maga is a simple, most practical, intuitive way of Self Defense, designed especially for the average humans, it is simple easy to learn based on principles and solid strategical and tactical principles. The best for professionals!

As you have experience in alternative medicine, can you tell us about Shiatsu and Bio Energy? Is a healthy life style important for a karateka?
Upon my way of understanding Martial Arts is KILL & CURE. The very same hand, that might kill, may cure ! I feel that Martial Arts and Natural Medicine is the very same coin's two equally important side ! All Martial Arts are not sport games, they are a life style, which for sure trying to keep the best, healthiest principles of daily life.

You practice a lot of styles of martial art. Which martial art is your favourite?
My main is off course Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do, this is the spine of my Martial Art entity, all other Budo disciplines (Kobudo, Judo, Ju Jutsu, Iai, Aiki, Tai Chi) is just to deepen, widen my understanding of Budo. It is sincerely advised to choose a main life long study of a specific style,andoccasionally experiencing others too............the most important always is highly educated, qualified Teachers !

What does karate mean to you?
It is a life philosophy, at the Dojo we practice body, mind, spirit and outside the Dojo we transfer the principles to ordinary day to day life. As better we learn, understand the strategical, tactical essence of our style, better we will use it in daily life..........better in decision making, stress management, self confidence, crisis solving procedures....all in life is a huge obstacle, our life depends on the way we facing and founding solutions..this is the ART of Karate Do for me!

Can you tell us, what are the advantages of practicing karate?
Karate Do is an excellent way to keep healthy, well trained physics, never the less it is a great mental preparation and conditioning for life. Karate Do is not just sport, it is a well balanced educational system to strenghten body, mind and spirit, a fine system of polishing character, building, educating a healthy generation. It is all upon choosing a fine, well educated Sensei/Teacher (educated in both Martial Art and in Pedagogy)....

Can you mention some disadvantages of practicing karate?
If it's practiced correctly no problems, there are no disadvantages, all problems arousing while we exercising, training, fighting unprofessionally, without understanding the outcome of the training.......

How long have you practiced karate?
since 1970, before I trained Judo since 1966........I still enjoy and excited to enter the Dojo, day by day....

You are leader of international martial arts seminars. Can you see at your stages the friendship between you and other karatekas / and among other practitioners of martial arts?
Sure, I am traveling 12- 16 times a year, it is a great burden and a great pleasure. I met Budoka from all different disciplines, styles and nothing more exciting for me than cooperate and share quality times with like minded Martial Artists. I have only positive experience working with Budoka worldwide.

What are your upcoming plans? Will you lead any karate seminar in the near future? Can you tell us about your martial arts projects?
Instructors courses are the main interest all over the world, their is a lot of technical seminars, almost nothing teaching how to teach, how to transfer knowledge, this the main interest right now ! Still during 2015 I will run Gashukus in South Africa, seminars in Hungary, Slovenia and Romania. 2016 is almost full, teaching Seminars in USA, Hungary, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Japan- Okinawa and of course all my home duties.......life is just sparkling......

Seminar in USA    
Seminar in Hungary 


Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live

Dr.Rony Kluger:

Leader of
• International Budo Academy
• Karate Do International Renmei
• Israeli System of Military Self Defense, Krav Maga, International
Accredited as Educational Institute of Instructor Coaches and Masters by the Ministry of Education Culture and Sport – State of Israel

• Social Psychology, Educational Planning, Methodic-Didactics, Training Analyzation, Philosophy of the Art (Tel Aviv, Open University, 1975-1984).
• Alternative Medicine: Shiatsu and Bio Energy ("Kushido" Health Academy, South Africa, 1986).
• MA. -Master Teacher of Martial Arts -1994 -(International Budo Academy)
• MA. - Educational Management -1995 - (Hamilton. U.)
• Ph.D. - Education - 1997 - (Hamilton. U.)

Professional Education
• Instructor of Krav Maga (Israeli Defense Forces, 1970 - 1973)
• Head Master of Israeli System of Military Self Defense, Krav Maga, International
• Certified Instructor of Judo (School of Physical Education and Sport, Israel- 1972)
• School of Karate Do Teachers (South Africa 1974-1975)
• Graduate of the WKF Masters Seminar (1986)
• Graduated Senior Coach of Martial Arts (School of Physical Education and Sport, Israel - 1987)
• Graduate of advanced course for Karate Do Masters (South Africa 1991)
• 8th.Dan, Ju Jitsu (IMAF Europa)
• 4th. Dan Judo (USMA)
• Master of Arts - Budo, (International Budo Academy, 1996)
• Karatedo, Hanshi, 8th Degree, authorized by: Dai Nippon Butokukai, Kyoto - Japan and Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do Sho Honbu JUNDOKAN, Okinawa
Occupation and professional Credit
• 1967-1970 - Judo and Self-Defense, Krav Maga Instructor ("Amos" Institute, Israel)
• 1970-2005 - Physical Education and Close Combat - Krav Maga Instructor, Supervisor and Training Analyzer (Ministry of Defense - State of Israel)
• Since 1975 - Head of the International School of Martial Arts, Karate Do International Renmei
• 1977 - 1984 - Head Instructor of the Health and Recreation Centre of Israel
• 1984 -1995 - National Chief Referee of the Israel Karate Federation
• 1977- 1997 - Member of the Directing Committee of the Israel Karate Federation
• 1988 - Coordinator and Director of the WUKO-MASTERS SEMINAR and Technical Congress (Hungary)
• 1985- 2000 - Head of the Martial Arts Department at the Nat Holman School of Instructors and Coaches - Wingate Institute for Sport and Physical Education (Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport - State of Israel)
• Since 1989 - Advisor to the Finnish Budo Association "Jigota-ry"
• 1992 - Director and Organizer of the first JKF Masters Seminar in Israel
• 1995 - Member of the Referee Council of World Karate Confederation
• Since 1995 - Dean of the International Budo Academy
• Since 1996 - Technical Advisor to the Hungarian Karate Federation
• Since 1996 - International Advisor to Seishinkai International Karate Do Union
• Since 1997 - Member of the Presidium of World Jundokan Association
• Since 1984 - Official Representative and Certified Officer of Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do Sho Honbu JUNDOKAN, Okinawa, JAPAN
• Since 1997 - Certified Officer and Representative of the historical Dai Nippon Butokukai, Kyoto, JAPAN
• Since 1998 - General Secretary of the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association
• Since 2000 - Member of the Presidium and the Technical Committee of the AAU (American Athletic Union) Karate Program
• Since 2003 - Head of School for Instructors Coaches and Masters, recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport - State of Israel
• Since 2003 - President of the International Sport Federation of IBSSA (IBSSA - ISF)
• Since 2004 - Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Israel Karate Federation