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Interview with Djuricic Nenad

24/03 2018

Djuricic Nenad
Born on 15th of May 1997 in Armenia, Erevan. World and European Champion in Fudokan Karate


European Championship:

Serbia, Belgrade 2011, 3rd place Kata Team
Italy, Caorle 2013, 3rd place Kogo Kumite Team
Romania, Galati 2014, 2nd place Enbu Team, 2nd place Kogo Kumite Team, 3rd place Kogo Individual
Italy, Napoli 2015, 2nd place Enbu Team, 2nd place Kogo Kumite Team, 3rd place Kata Individual, 3rd place Kata Team
Poland, Krakow 2016, 2nd place Kobudo, 2nd place Kumite Team

World Championship:

Czech Republic, Prague 2013, 1st place Enbu Team
Serbia, Belgrade 2015, 1st place Fukugo Individual, 1st place Kumite Team, 2nd place Enbu Team
Romania, Cluj 2017, 2nd place IKU Kumite Team, 3rd place Kumite Team, 3rd place Enbu Team

Nenad, Can you tell us something about yourself?
I am the member of Traditional karate club Kaishin in Sabac. I started doing karate when I was six years old in Russia, Moscow. Later I moved to Serbia and continued doing karate. I am the student at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Novi Sad. I am in the Representation of Serbia since 2011. Master of karate 3. Dan. I have successfully passed the examination for the 1st Dan on 12th of May 2014, 2nd Dan on 22nd of March 2015 and 3rd Dan 10th of August 2017. For every Dan I have taken the examination at Sensei Dr Vladimir Jorga.

Nenad with Sensei Vladimir Jorga Nenad with Sensei Ilija Jorga

What are your biggest results in karate?
I would like to highlight National, European and World championships. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 I take the title of National champion in four categories (Kata, Kumite, Fukugo, Kobudo). Also, I was the World champion in 2013 and 2015. Proclaimed for the most successful Junior of 2015 and the most successful Youth of 2017. And here’s a clip from the competition.


In 2013, you became the World champion of discipline Enbu. Can you tell us what is Enbu and what karate style you are doing?
Its Fudokan style. Enbu is a discipline that has been introduced to keep karate's traditional basics of self-defense skills. The goal is to reflect the self-defending use of karate skills through a certain type of agreed sparing. There are pre-combinational combinations, demonstrated at kumite standings in a one-minute time interval, +/- 5 seconds allowed. A male couple can perform, and mix. It is forbidden to contact and injure a partner. They need to present various techniques and combinations in a more realistic way.
The attacking side has to apply karate techniques, oi zuki, mae geri, mawashi geri, ushiro geri ... . In addition, it is important that: the attack must be strictly directed toward the goal, it is allowed to disturb the balance, capture, pulling, pushing, cleaning. The defending side must neutralize the attack by blocking: Uke, Sabake. The defending champion must satisfy the following requirements: The final blow todome is needed, at the very end of the demonstration, when a mixed pair of women performs a final shot, the man must attack first. Contact is forbidden except when you block your arm and leg or when a balance disturbance technique is running. The contestants must express the state of Zanshin between and during the performance of the techniques themselves.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live