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Interview with Cheryl Murphy

19/01 2017

Cheryl Murphy (USA)

11x National Gold Medalist
6x US Open Gold Medalist
4x US Team Open Gold Medalist

2016 WKF World Senior Championships (AUT) -Team Kumite-3rd Place
2016 Karate1 Premier League - Hamburg (GER) Kumite- 68 kg - 2nd Place
2013 Sportaccord World Combat Games (RUS) - Kumite -68 kg - 3rd Place
2013 XXVII Pan-American Championships (ARG) -Kumite Open - 2nd Place
2013 XXVII Pan-American Championships (ARG) - Kumite -68 kg - 1st Place
2012 K1 Hanau 2012 (GER) K1 Premier League- Kumite -68 kg - 3rd Place
2012 XXVI Pan-American Karate-do Championships (NCA) - Kumite -68 kg - 1st Place

WKF World Championship 2016 Linz (Austria) - 3rd Place Team Kumite - Murphy Cheryl, Davis Ashley, Robinson Brandi, Wasowicz Maya (USA)

Interview with Cheryl Murphy

What is your overall feeling from the WKF World Championship in Linz?
I thought the World Championships was great. Soo proud to have been there to represent my country.

How difficult was the way to the Bronze medal?
It was challenging but because of my team mates and coach it was amazing.

Which kumite match was the hardest for you at this championship?
We stuck together had a plan and was able to accomplish our goal. France is where we lost.
I do not agree with all the calls but was happy with our performance.
My individual match was hard for me... i pushing through and being sure of myself.
I was able to perform better in team.

Can you introduce your coach with whom you were preparing for the Wolrd Championship 2016?
I have trained specifically with the Pinto brothers Antonio and Leo.
I have trained at many dojos that have helped me to succeed.

Who was your first teacher, can you remember your first dojo?
My Sensei is Herb Wiles, I was 6yrs old. Harakenkojuku is my first dojo.

You are leader of karate seminars. Where will be your next seminar?
My next Seminar will be February 11th at Tokey Hill Martial arts in port Washington. I have another seminar in March with G-team dojo and May 7th in Cupertino California

What are your plans for this year and for the future?
My plans are endless... lets see what the future holds.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live