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Interview with Calin Marincas

13/08 2015

Calin Marincas
lives in Romania,
practise karate in Federatia Romana de Karate Traditional

When did you start to practise karate?
I started practicing karate in 1993.

Who was your first teacher?
My first teacher was Cornel Hadade. But the teachers who gave me excellent training, were leading me to obtain great results at the European and World Championships were Monika Budusan and Janos Simo. And I would like to give them my thanks.

During your karate career which medals are the most important for you?
One of the most important medals is the silver medal that I won in 1993, which was the first medal of my career. This medal gave me desire, determination and strenght to work harder and harder, to give my best to achieve the best results in international competitions. Next are the gold medals won in 2004 at the European Traditional Karate Championships and medals from World Karate Championships. Each medal is very special to me, because each one is the result of a whole year of extensive work.

Is there any match in your kumite career you can mention and tell us more about it?
Yes, it was my first World Championship in senior cathegory, in Poland - Lotz, in 2007. I got to the finals and I fought against Cornel Musat, who was at that time the entire World Champion. Nobody expected me to get to the finals. Also, all the fights were against big guys and I beat almost everybody with "lppon".

Are you also karate trainer? Can you introduce your club?
I started my career as a trainer in 2006, in my hometown Zalau. My club 's name is "Terrakid", and my club has won lots of medals at national, european and worlds championships.

What are your leisure time activities?
I like to play saxophone, and I enjoy spending the time with my wife and my daughter.

What are your plans in karate for this year 2015 and for the next year?
My goal for 2015 is to become World Champion and I would like to start building my own dojo.

Calin Marincas with Sensei Dan Stuparu Calin Marincas with family

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future. Karate Live