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Interview with Anna Yatskova, 4 Dan

27/07 2015

Master of Sport of Internation Class,
President of the club Karate Dojo, Ukraine, Zhitomir


11x winner of all National Championships and first place at National team of Ukraine / category kata female

2nd place at World Cup among cadets 14-15 years, Italy, 1997, SKIF

2nd place at the European Championship, among juniors 16-17 years, England, 1998, SKIF

5th place, among juniors 18-20 years, Marcel, 2003, WKF

5th place among senior + 16 years Moscow, 2004, WKF

2nd place at University Game among students, Poland, 2006, WKF

Which style of karate do you practice?
I practise karate Shotokan.

Can you introduce your karate club?
Yes. I am a president of karate club "Dojo", Ukraine, Zhytomyr, that was created in September, 2012.

What are the names of other trainers of your club?
Alexey Minaev and Alexandra Koriagina
Do you also organize training camps for your members?
Yes, we practice at session summer camps and educational training workshops and fees, depending on age, length of employment, level of training of athletes, as well as specialty /kata or kumite/. For example, this summer we have scheduled five training camps - Georgia / together with the karate club " Wagr" , under the direction of Kharkiv Sagrunova Rudik , Educational-training charges in Carpathians / June - July 2015 / . Fees of members of the national team of the country " Tisovec ", " Sun Valley" / July 2015 August / and fees for the youngest pupils to the sea / August 2015 /.

What does karate give to your life?
Karate is my life! First my career as a sportsman are years of persistent labour, sweat and tears, experiencing and victories! Now - a career of Trainer is a faith in the Students, their way and becoming a personality. It all requires forces, time, persistence and finances. But all of it bringspleasure and self-realization! It is my choice and my way!

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best future.
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