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Interview with Ana Brajović

04/09 2015

Ana Brajović

lives in Serbia.
What are your greatest results in karate?
My greatest and definitely the most important results are with my kata team 1st place at Fudokan World Championship 2013, in Prague and 1st place at Fudokan European Championship 2014, in Galati. Beside those results the most important results to me are 3rd place kata individual at Fudokan World Championship 2011, in Belgrade and 2nd place kata individual at ITKF World Championship 2014, in Cairo.

How long do you practise karate and who was your first teacher?
I have been training karate for 18 years, since 1997. My first and current teacher is Miloš Senić, President of Serbian Fudokan Federation. I also had a great chance and honor to practice with Ilija and Vladimir Jorga when I was a member of karate club "Crvena Zvezda".

What is the name of your club, can you introduce your karate club?
The name of my club is karate club "Čačak". That is my first and current club. It was established in 1995 and at the moment has the most members in Serbian Fudokan Federation, and it is the most successful club with no doubt. This club gave lots of World and European Champions in both individual and team categories.

What is your favourite part of training?
I generally love trainings, not just some part of it, but the trainings I enjoy the most are the ones with my kata team when we are preparing for big tournaments. In that period we work hard, we have good focus and we always have such a good time together. That is the case with my current team, and also with all my previous teams.

Which part of training you do not like?
Sometimes I would like to skip warming up, but I know that is very important part of the training so I have to do it.

Have you ever used karate in real life?
No, never, I guess everyone is aware that I am karateka so nobody doesn't want to mess with me.

What is your best memory in karate?
Definitely friendships I made in the club and at tournaments.

What is your worst memory in karate?
I can't say that I have some particular bad memory in karate. I have experienced a couple of disappointments at competitions, but nothing that left any bad memory.

What is your favourite kata?
Gojishiho dai, Setsu

Are you also a coach or a judge?
Judge, but still learning.

What are your plans in karate for this year 2015 and for the next year?
Plan for this year is to participate at World Championship which will be held in Belgrade Serbia and hopefully to repeat the result with my kata team from previous World Championship when we won gold medal. I will also try to take part at ITKF European Championship in Paris. For next year I still don't have any plan, but probably I will try to improve myself to be better judge and participate in future tournaments.



Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future.

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