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Interview with Alizé Agier

23/09 2015

Alizé Agier lives in France, she started with Karate at the age of 5 years in her hometown, in Burgundy. She practised parellel gymnastics and water skiing. Alizé Agier got her black belt at the age of 14 years and currently has 3rd Dan.

Alizé Agier represents successfully the French Karate National Team.


Senior French Champion in 2015
Winner of K1 Premier League, Paris 2015 - Female Kumite -68 kg
3rd place at EKF European Championships, 2015 - U21 Kumite Female -68 kg
Senior World Champion, 2014 - WKF World Senior Championships, Germany  
2nd place at K1 Premier League, Paris 2014
European Champion at EKF European Championships, 2014 - Under 21 Kumite Female 60+ kg
Vice World Champion, 2013 - Under 21 Kumite Female 60+ kg
Vice Junior World Champion in 2011

When did you start to practise karate? Can you introduce your current karate club?
I started with Karate at the age of 5 thanks to my brother who was already doing Karate. I was in my Father's club in the past but this year I'm in a new club named Spartan Kombat Sports, it's a chance for me to compete with friends I met thanks to Karate and to have a female team (I was the only one doing Karate, it's a Full Contact club).

How many times per week do you practise karate? How does your training looks like?
I practice Karate every day, and sometimes 2 times in a day. More or less 7 times a week. In the morning I do physical preparation or a personal training, and the afternoon collective trainings.

You are World Champion from Bremen 2014. Has your life changed after this success?
I think that my life has not change a lot. After the title I did my first direct interviews on big Sports Channels, my native city, who support me a lot, organized a ceremony for me. It was new for me and a good experience. This summer I introduced Karate to Kids from my city, it was a real pleasure to share with them. And I think they were happy to know more Karate from me. Now my days are like before, I will never forget the title but I have other goals so I stay focus on them and train hard to reach them.

What is your favourite karate technique?
My favorite technique is Ushiro Mavashi. I don't do it a lot but it's a beautiful technique that we don't see it often. Except that I like legs techniques.

What is your favourite meal? Which cuisine do you prefer?
I love sweet pies, with apple, lemon...Especially my mother's ones. I don't have a particular cuisine that I prefer, I like to discover new meals.

Do you have any life motto?
Yes, 'The best is yet to come' I have it tattooed. I think that no matter what happens in your life, they're always be something good happening to you next. Do good things and good things will happened to you, on the other view, if you do bad things, bad things will happened to you.

What are your leisure time activities?
It's hard to find time to do other things, but when I have free time I spend it with my family and my friends, doing activities with them (Movies, having a walk...) or to do other sports like waterskiing in summer.

What are your future plans in karate?
Working hard to have my selection for European Championships in France thanks to good results at international competitions and French competitions. And then having gold at European Championships. I do it step by step, and train hard for it.

Photos: Alizé Agier, thanks to Denis Boulanger and Geraldo De Paula.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best in the future.
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