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Great results for the Veras Academy

15/06 2017

This month, the Veras Academy team has achieved great results in the French Cup North Zone, French Benjamin Cup and British Championship.

French Cup North Zone 2017
Luan Veras finished the French Season in style. After winning all important French competitions since the begining of the season, the club which Luan represents over in France, USF Karate Club has received a call from the French Karate Federation, informing Luan has been selected to be in the French Squad. Althoug he will have to pass this great opportunity as he is not French national, it is such a great pleasure be recognised by a foreigner country which is within top 5 ranking countries in the World of karate, which has a very organised system that already focus on the youth team from an early start in order to excel in future of karate.

Results - French Cup North Zone 2017
Cadets 12-13 years
Luan Veras -50Kg Champion
Demie Holland +50Kg Bronze
Tayla O'Brien -40Kg Bronze

All athletes trains at the Veras Academy Islington with sensei Raphael Veras. Head instructor Raphael has a number of national and international champions as well as athletes from different associations travelling long way to train, including world and european champions.

These are the three athletes who travelled with the Veras Academy Team to compete for the USF karate Club at the North Region French Karate National in Amiens last Saturday. Left to right: Demie Holland, USF Coach Stephanie Bel-Lahsen, Luan Veras, Veras Academy Head Coach Raphael Veras and Tayla O'Brien
Luan Veras Champion Demie Holland with coach Raphael Veras 


Luca Veras, the youngest of Veras brothers, won gold at the French Benjamin Cup this month

Luca Veras(9), a squad member of the Veras Academy Karate from London, brings from France a huge tittle for his age, -35kg French Champion. The French Cup (French National Championships)for children born between 2007-2008, was held last May 20th at the Stade Pierre de Coubertin in Paris and was attended by over 1000 selected finalists from regionals and inter-regionals competions.
Luca was a champion of one of those regional events organised by the French Karate Federation. Veras Academy Karate has made an alliance with a French Club, Team USF Karate and have other top fighters competing for Team USF in France. Hence Luca was eligible to compete at this event. France is one of the top ranking countries in the sport and with that in mind, coach and head instructor Raphael Veras aims to prepare his athletes for future olympic games and other high standard competitions. Luca with brothers Luan (13) and Liam (11)have numerous National, British and British Open Karate titles as well French, USA, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Latvia, Hungary, Luxemburg, Belgium, Croatia and others to name. Their main focus are now international karate titles which will push them to a more competitive level and keep their level to a higher standard. The Veras Brothers are also champions in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and they also love to Boxe. They are currently the only children training under development for London Shootfighters, Top MMA club in London. Veras Brothers are currently looking for potential investors and supporters to help them financially and morally achieve their ultimate goals of becoming future olympic and World champions in Karate, Judo, BJJ and consequently become boxing and MMA Pro-Fighters.


Following weekend after the Benjamin French Cup, Luca also managed to get a gold at the British Championships

Liam Veras-Bronze in individual
kumite 11 years.
Ismail Cinar-bronze individual
kata 10 years.
Dylan Gibson-bronze individual
kumite -7-8 years.
Chloe Casimir- bronze medal in
individual Kumite 14-15 years +54Kg
Dawn Kavanagh- bronze medalist in individual veterans kata. Anna Paula- bronze medalist in
individual kumite-61Kg.

 Alton Brown- silver medalist in individual Kumite -75Kg


Photos, text: Patricia Perote (Veras Academy)