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Alisa Buchinger - Silver Medal Kumite at European Championship 2016

08/05 2016

51th WKF European Seniors Championship
Date of Event: 5/5 2016 - 8/5 2016
Place: France, Montpellieros

Alisa Buchinger (Austria)
Silver medal in discipline Female Kumite -68 kg

Karate Live brings you short exclusive interview with Alisa Buchinger.

How was your way to the Silver medal?
It was a hard way because i had good and strong opponents, and I won against a lot of good people !!!

What about your karate trainer? Did he support you at this event?
Yes. My Trainer always supports me and stands behind me he Is very important for me.

How did you like the atmosphere at the European Championship?
The atmosphere was amazing a lot of spectatures, nice fights and great people.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the Best in the future. Karate Live

Photos: Ewald Roth